Need big hats and big boots in Toronto
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Where in Toronto can I find (1) an extra large size toque with ear coverage (like the Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon) or (2) size 15 waterproof warm winter boots (like the Sorel 1964 PAC T)? I've already visited or called several places (MEC, Get Outside, Patagonia) to no result.

No, I will not comfortably fit into a "one size fits all" or "large" hat. This is a followup to my previous question, "What should I wear in the winter? Difficulty level: Toronto" where I received lots of great suggestions but haven't seen suppliers with extra large items.
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If you don't mind the brown ones, they're available on the website. They're really irritating to find in stores in the US so I assume it's no easier in Canada.
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Don't know about the hat, but you can find Sorel boots at Mark's Work warehouse, and also in a really great work boot store in Kensington Market. I don't know the name, but it's on the west side Augusta south of Nassau and north of the park. Mark's is easier to find, but he had a better selection of Sorel boots in men's sizes.
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That could work as a last resort. Even when I find shoes that are large enough they usually don't fit really well, so I am loathe to sign up for potential return shipping fees or boots I'm not comfortable in.
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Brown's has a good selection and can tell you which local stores have which sizes. I've bought Sorel there (though actually I find them disappointing in their warmth and own a pair much like those). Hats I often find at The Bay, and if nothing else they should have an enormous selection of Olympics-branded hats. A big Roots store can also do well with accessories, I think.

You're pretty late in the season for all this, though.
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A couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to find several pairs of size 15 boots at the Shoe Company store just south of Bloor and Yonge. I think there was a pair there that looked like those Sorels.
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Oh, and as for toques, wool ones work very well (and are available all sorts of places, MEC should have some). They can also be stretched (or blocked) when wet to fit a good size larger.
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I got my size 14 Sorels and the rest of my big dude winter camping gear at Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store on Dufferin. Great selection.
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Have you tried surplus stores? Can be hit or miss obviously but might be worth a shot.
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really great work boot store in Kensington Market.

Do you mean G&P Construction Work Wear?

Thanks for the suggestions; I will call or visit Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store, Shoe Company, Brown's, G&P Construction Work Wear, The Bay, and Roots.
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Al Flaherty's says they don't carry anything like that above a 13. Brown's web site doesn't show anything above a 13.

I found some Timberland Rime Ridge midtop waterproof brown leather boots at Shoe Company. At least if they don't fit I can return them at a local shop without extra charge. I'll try G&P first, but if they don't have them I can order from Shoe Company.
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Have you called Sail? The Sorels on their web site go up only to size 13, but there's no harm in asking.
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