What kind of tablet or e-reader does my husband need?
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He picked up my ipad-2 and loved the lighted easy to read display and wants a tablet to download a Kindle study bible and play games. If I got him a Kindle or some other type of tablet what would be a good choice? One thing he does want is a big display so I may have to try to get one with a 10" display.
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His ipad should have access to the Kindle App so that he can read Kindle books without having to shell out for a new device.
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With you using an iPad, consider an Android-based device. I like the look of the Lenovo Yoga. And of course Amazon makes a Kindle reader for the Android platform.
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Oh I see, it is yours. I would suggest downloading the Kindle app to see if he likes the reading experience on the ipad before deciding on a device.
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If you have an iPad he likes, buy him an iPad.

However, you can get a perfectly capable tablet for a lot less money than an iPad costs. If you're looking for something smaller or less expensive, respond back to the thread and you'll get better recommendations.
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Yes, I was looking for something less expensive than my ipad-2.
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there's also the refurb store on the apple site if he really likes the ipad. stores like gamestop are doing preowned sales as well (people trade them in to get consoles and stuff).
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If he likes the lighted easy-to-read-ness of the iPad I would definitely take a look at the newest Kindle Paperwhite. I love mine, and much prefer reading on it than my iPads. It is however on the smaller size. If he wants to play games as well (which you mentioned) than the iPad might be the way to go, or a similar sized Android tablet, but others will chime in for specific recommendations on those.
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I got my daughter a Kindle HDX for xmas. It's really very impressive. I'm considering a Paperwhite for reading because I'm getting older.
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I like my google nexus for reading library books, watching netflix, reading my email and playing games. I have the 7 inch tablet but there is a 10 inch version (though I increase the size of the font of my books if I'm having trouble reading the script).
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I would recommend the Kindle Paperwhite for reading, hands down. The e-ink display is vastly superior to even excellent LCD displays (for reading). Obviously, it's a no-go for games and the like.

The Nexus 7 is good, otherwise: plays Android games and runs apps, it's a good size, and the price is right.
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I also love the Kindle Paperwhite for straight-forward reading. However, it is not as useful for books that I want to flip back and forth through, such as a cook book or a travel book. My guess is that a study bible would be similar ... so it might not be your best choice.
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Well, have you considered picking up a used iPad 2 if he's tried yours and liked it? They start at $230 on eBay for ones in good condition. I mean, that's what I would do. There's not a whole lot to go wrong in an iPad as long as it's not abused, so if it's in good condition now there's no reason why it wouldn't stay in good condition for years to come assuming reasonably good care.
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Alternatively, the Kindle Fire 8.9" HD starts at $230 brand new, and will have updated hardware and a better screen than an iPad 2. The screen is nearly an inch smaller across the diagonal, mind you. Also that price is for the "with special offers" version, i.e. the version where Amazon broadcasts advertisements into it whenever they want. If you want to get the proper version that doesn't try to sell you things all the time, you're looking at $244. Still not too bad.
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Google Nexus 7 is the best bang-for-buck tablet out there right now (in my opinion). I absolutely love mine, but I'd be interested in the Nexus 10 for my next one.

Personally, I'm a bit anti-Apple products, unless you're already well down that road. I'd either go ALL Apple (phones, tablets, computers), or not at all.

The Nexus 7 (which just came out with its 2nd generation model a few months ago) starts at $230.

Good luck!
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The Amazon advertisements aren't all that obnoxious on the Kindle Fire HD. When you turn the device on you see an ad, and have two rings you can swipe. One ring takes you to the normal operation, the other takes you to more info about what's being advertised.

I've never seen an advertisement any other time.
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I love my Nexus 7 (the original one, I believe). I use the kindle app for reading free books from Amazon and stuff I downloaded from Project Guttenburg. Right now I'm typing this and playing a game on the tablet.
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If you want something new, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 ($379) or the Nexus 10 ($399) are good choices. If you're looking to save a little more money, the Asus Memopad FHD 10 can be had for $250 from Amazon. Reviews on Amazon are pretty good. It's not as good as an iPad, but it's also half the price.
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Seconding the Kindle Fire HD or HDX. We have three in our household and everybody loves them.
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