Where in Baltimore to purchase a suit?
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I'm getting married at the beginning of May, and would like to purchase a nice suit for the day. But I want a particular look, and something that is going to last me for years that I can wear regularly, not just for one day.

I think I'm looking for a 3-piece brown tweed suit in an English cut. The tweed should be a darker brown, and conservative in tone. We haven't picked colors for the wedding yet, so I'm not sure what other colors I might wear yet. I'm the head of a tiny think tank, so I need something that works when I'm talking to funders or the media, or giving testimony in Annapolis too.

This isn't the sort of thing I can just walk into Jos. A Bank or the Men's Warehouse to pick up. I'm getting the sense that I need to find a tailor in Baltimore who can build one for me. I know this will be expensive; but I'd like to stay under $1500 (well under, if possible). And I need to find one fast, as the wedding is only a few months away.

Any recommendations for tailors in Baltimore? I've come across Victor Pascal's website, but I don't know how good he is. The one review on Google is negative, from four years ago.

Complicating factor: I'm 6'3" so finding a vintage suit to have tailored seems like a fools errand.

I'd be willing to travel to DC or even NYC, for the right recommendation.

A few examples I like:
Example 1
Example 2 scroll down to the 4th picture
Example 3 Actually, tweedaddict.com has lots of great examples. Should I be looking to mail order? How would I get a good set of measurements?

As a further example of the style I'm hoping end up with, I plan on pairing the suit with a pair of dress boots like this. The wedding will involve a light hike through fields, and these seem ideal (I love Redwing shoes).
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I've read good things about made-to-measure suits by English American Tailoring in Westminster, MD.
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keep in mind that tweed is a very casual fabric for a suit. And the beckman's are also very casual, and wouldn't pair well with a suit, IMO.

Have you checked out suitsupply? There is one in Philly:
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I'm sure other folks will have better/more Baltimore-centered recommendations but I know I've seen a lot of nice-suit-reasonable-price recommendations for getting something in the right size from Suit Supply and getting it tailored by someone you like.

Not sure if it quite fits your bill perfectly, but something like this?
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Here in DC, I know a few guys who've gotten bespoke suits made at Field English, Do's, and Stephen the Tailor.
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Should I be looking to mail order? How would I get a good set of measurements?

I have no idea where you'd get a 3-piece tweed suit in Baltimore or DC,* but the answer to where do you get a good set of measurements is from a tailor. Have the tailor take your measurements and write them down, and use that to place an online order. Most tailors shouldn't have a problem doing this. I have a feeling you're going to need to either order online or get one custom made. The thing to look for is places that do "made to measure" rather than "bespoke" suits. Bespoke suits are almost certainly out of your price range.

*A fact that has probably kept me married because it's meant I've never spent a bunch of money on one, despite the fact that I really love the look.
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Michael Andrews Bespoke has an office in DC and could probably accommodate your budget in their "Entrada" line.

Mr. Ned in NYC could probably handle this, too, but his selection of fabric might be more limited.

You might also want to talk to Highcliffe Clothiers In Virginia because they specialize in that style and might even have something like that in stock. As far as tailoring, the owner (Mark?) MIGHT be able to accommodate your budget. I would ask him about it.
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Oh and this might be a question to pose the folks over at the "Ask Andy about Clothes" forums. They'll probably have an answer, once they stop explaining to you how you simply must spend twice your budget.
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^ the AskAndy folks will almost certainly direct you to Eddie Jacobs, which is what I came here to recommend. If they don't have what you want, they will likely be able to point you in the right direction.
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Hong Kong-based tailors make bespoke suits to your style and measurements (Hong Kong has a bunch of such tailor shops). Some of the well known ones do a tour here in the United States in the major cities around this time of the year - go see one (Raja Tailors, Taj, etc.), tell them what you want, and they'll measure and quote you (I believe much less than $1500). Good luck.
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Just a note: you want a tweed suit but you are getting married in May and tweed is generally a fall and winter fabric. I got married in Baltimore in May and it can be quite warm (or not).
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Evolution of Style is a M2M shop based in LA. I'm from DC and so mine was done via email. But, just after I ordered mine they opened a Baltimore storefront. Check them out here and here. I would highly recommend. The process was smooth and the end result was top notch.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the recommendations. A few comments, to help guide the conversation:
- I'm thinking it will be cooler than some commenters expect. The wedding is May 4th (avg. high is 72) in a barn in the morning, immediately followed by a brunch reception indoors.
- I will be wearing this suit mostly from January to April, other than for the wedding.
- The whole vibe is less formal. Think farmer's wedding. We're serving food family style, for example, and asking folks to create a quilt square for us to remember them by.
- There will be serious square-dancing going on. I'm fine with taking my coat off for this.
- Oh, and this is my second wedding, so I'm familiar with how things work and where we are and aren't throwing tradition or common sense out the window.
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Try JBD Clothiers based right here in Charm City. They outfit a number of Ravens and offer custom tailoring, which is what you really need. It may not be cheap, but you will get the service that you require for one of the biggest events in your life.
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