Where Can I Find This Pooper-Scooper?
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Where can I find a pooper-scooper like the one I had that just broke?

Hivemind Dog Owners, I need your help. This morning, while walking the dog and attempting to pick up his "business", my trusty, reliable, pooper-scooper snapped in half! And now I need to replace it, but, I am having no luck in finding an exact replacement for it.

Unfortunately, I do not recall the brand name of the device, and there was nothing printed on it either. Searching the internet has proved fruitless. It was made of plastic, and was blue in color. The best way to describe it would be to compare it to a pair of salad tongs, except that the end parts were triangular in shape, and more like the ends of a set of barbecue tongs. It was small enough to fit comfortably in a coat pocket and the best part of it was that you could use any type of plastic shopping bag with it.

You just put the device in the bag, cupped the bottom of the bag in the ends, and used the handle to scoop the poop up, and you simply turned the bag inside out around the poop and the the device never touches the poop!

The only other detail that I can recall is that I bought it online from a small company that only made this device and it has been about five to ten years since I bought it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Unfortunately I threw the device away in a neighborhood trash can without taking a photo of it, and today was Trash Day! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Sorry, no. It was flatter. There wasn't a scooping mechanism at the end. It was more like barbacue tongs with a handle where you could just pick up the poop by squeezing it into the bag. Although these look pretty good too! :)

Hopefully someone will find it.
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So, basically bread tongs? But more open at the ends, like these ones?
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Yes, it was very similar in design to the metal ones, except it was made of plastic and the "tong end" was bigger and more triangular.
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Doh! Sorry, my bad. (That's what I get for thread sitting at work!) They were more like the design of the bread tongs, not the metal tongs. The part I mentioned about the triangular end is correct though!
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This probably isn't it, but is intriguing!
Natalulu's - The Easy Scoop A Poop

Pet Waste Scissor Scoop Pickup Tool - sounds vaguely possible?
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Well, I'm not seeing any exactly like that, but I bet you could make a set for around $10 out of a cheap pair of kitchen tongs and some aluminum bar stock, and it'd be a lot more durable than the plastic ones. (Although 5-10 years out of a plastic scoop before it broke's not bad, either.)
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All of the ones that you have shown me look great, but, are not the item. The one thing that my tool had that these don't seem to have is ease of portability. My tool was small enough to stick in a coat pocket. It was probably less than 5 inches long. All of these look to be longer and for the most part, bulkier. Thanks for the suggestions so far though, and keep them coming if you find anything else!
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Thanks everyone! In looking back at all of your suggestions, while none of them were the one that I had, the Natalulu Easy Scoop that barnone suggested looks to be the closest to what I had and probably what I will get to replace mine. Thanks again!
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