Smart electronic music to sweat to
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Need music to keep me going at the gym. The caveat is that it isn't mindless pop music, but something with some complexity.

I am interested in broadening my horizons. I hear a lot about Chvrches and other groups. I am looking for something that isn't "too hipstery" but also something that isn't the same beat for 5 minutes straight. Something with vocals would be preferable.

I have lots of stuff like Boards of Canada and such that is too ambient.

I'd prefer an album to random tracks. Here are some examples of what I am looking for

How to Destroy Angels - 2nd album
The Knife track "full of fire" (much of the knife and fever ray aren't uptempo enough)
Radiohead - ideoteque

I am aware of all of the spinoffs of the above bands/members

I am very sensitive to mindless pop music and would like something with some depth.

Thanks in advance
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I like listening to DJ Fleep's club mixes during exercise and/or runs. Might be a little too chill at times for you, but they're definitely involving and listenable without being poppy.
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Daphni - "Yes I Know"
Four Tet - "Pinnacles", "A Joy"
Todd Terje - "Q", "Inspector Norse", "Ragysh" (might be a little on the house-y side but it's worth it)
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Florence and the Machine, any of their albums.
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Elliott Smith - Figure 8
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As crazy as it might be in the modern era, let me suggest that you buy a DJ Mix CD or two. If Radiohead's your thing, try Shackleton's Fabric Mix. If you like Four Tet, try his Fabriclive set. If you can find yourself a copy of Cold Cut's 70 Minutes of Madness you might be in good shape, though it's a little dated. I consider Juan Maclean's DJ KiCKs mix the pinnacle of good workout house, but it's probably a bit too four-on-the-floor for your purposes. But of course, plenty of artists do free mixes for podcasts. (e.g. Actress's recent set for XLR8R.) Free and often good quality.
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Some of Grimes fits the bill.

Probably her most famous track [studio version starts at about 1:10] from Visions, discussed here previously.
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Above & Beyond. Try the album Group Therapy.
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Jazzanova - "Mixing".
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Oh! From last year: Nguzunguzu's The Perfect Lullaby mix.
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Laurel Halo's 2012 album Quarantine was pretty vocal heavy. Highly recommend her whole catalogue.
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Everything Everything came to mind - their most recent two albums are full of intelligent, ludicrously well-played, driving tunes. Try Cough Cough for starters :)
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Maybe the most recent Haujobb or Architect albums? For something a bit more uptempo than those, the new Pet Shop Boys record is actually amazing.
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Max Vangeli's weekly podcast is a go-to for me.
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I have a friend of similar bent who listens to a lot of Squarepusher on the ellipticals.
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Anything John Talabot: his Fact mix, his Boiler Room set, other random mixes, and particularly his newly released, costs-actual-money mix for DJ Kicks is excellent.
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Morris Cowan - either the tech house record, Circa, from a year or two ago or the 2013 release, Six Degrees (more downtempo portions, but stunning artistic development). No vocals, but so good I recommend it despite only meeting a few of your criteria.
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Smart electronic musicians off the top of my head which weren't mentioned:

Burial (really can't recommend him enough)
Amon Tobin
Joy Orbison
Special Request
Flying Lotus (might be a bit slow?)
Aphex Twin
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Gestaffelstein - Aleph. Fantastic album for a run.
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I've been enjoying MNDR and Dragonette at the gym recently.

This is an awesome tool for discovering music similar to artists you enjoy:

The Kitsune Maison compilations are good for finding wonky pop with a good beat.
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LCD Soundsystem. Start with Yeah (Crass Version).
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(Actually, LCD Soundsystem made a workout mix for Nike. Not sure how good it is.)
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I just discovered Bjork to be really good to run to, if you like her--right now I'm listening to Debut and Homogenic, and Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009). But I'm just starting a playlist myself. (Spotify is good for this.)
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