Need Witty Questions
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I'm looking for witty endings for the question "Welcome to Computer Science, where questions like XXX are not YYY", similar to this sign. But I'm drawing complete blanks. Any ideas?
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"can I fork your repository?" | "cause to involve HR"
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(Note, some in the IT industry would disagree with 256's assessment.)
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Yeah, I'd avoid that particular one; it is NOT the impression you want to give your students on the first day of class.
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Where you can utter things like "car, cdr, cadr, cddr, cddar, cddddr" and no one will wonder if you're having a seizure.
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Maybe something in the Jargon File will suggest some ideas that aren't sexist or ableist. That chemistry one is a bit too close to rape culture for my taste.

I would go more with "Friends of Alice and Bob", "Foo, Bar, and Baz spoken here", or "More Python Than A Herp Lab" sort of direction.
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Where questions like "Will you EVER halt?" are not rude

i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry
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YYY == "NP Complete".
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Welcome to Computer Science at [Our School], where you write directly in binary, then write source code as documentation for those who went to [That Other School].

Or any other "facts" from Jeff Dean Facts.
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Thanks, folks.

Now I can't login to gihub without at least a chuckle.

"Welcome to our Computer Science Lab, where questions like 'When should we kill the children of that parent?' are not signs of criminal intent.
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