Working GPS Navigation app for HP Palm Veer?
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Does it exist?

Can anyone please help me out with finding a working GPS navigator? The phone does not come with a working GPS system as advertised, "GPS for navigation and location services". I have a pre-paid T-Mobile account which works fine with the phone, my new mini sim card is activated and I can call, text and browse the web. T-Mobile has excellent GPS navigation support. The only GPS on the phone is a paid service for AT&T, which I don't have, and there are no working GPS apps for the phone, only digital replicas of paper maps.

I have updated the phone to current software, updated the app store, searched and posted a thread on webosnation and Open WebOS, and tried many different apps, contacted the seller on Amazon who knows nothing about the phone, and actually read the phone manual, but no luck.

Navit and NDrive were the only two navigation apps for this phone, and both of them have been discontinued. NDrive has a beta version but it does not work, it downloads fine but can not find my location even after an hour of searching (and restarting, and searching, etc.).

I have called HP help for this phone: 866-945-PALM (7256) and only get a busy signal all day, and also contacted them via chat (no longer working) and on their website (not supported).
I have updated the phone to current software, searched and posted a threads on webosnation, and many other phone development sites with no luck.

I LOVE this phone, even though people tell me it's outdated junk, because it does 3 out of the 4 things I want out of a phone.

I don't care if my phone is 15 years old, if it does these things I will be ecstatic:
1. fits in my pocket
2. calls
3. texts
4. but needs GPS navigation

I greatly appreciate your help!
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I haven't used webos for a couple years now, but back then I was using the Google Maps app. Apparently someone's written a replacement, though I can't vouch for how well it will work or anything. Might be worth trying though.

Or is your problem that you can't get location data because of some AGPS service that it requires but T-Mobile can't provide?
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I found a thread on webosnation mentioning using in the web browser. I kind of remember using it on my Palm Pre, and it looks like it's still up and working.
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I would try asking here.
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Thank you aubilenon, I went to the link and apparently it is just another map/visual direction program, not a GPS navigation app which doesn't help because it's pure murder (and illegal) on the CA freeways to be reading your phone while driving. Also, before you can download the new GMaps, you have to download Preware, which is $1, no problem, but there are no guarantees it will have true GPS verbal directions.

As mentioned, T-Mobile has excellent GPS location services (same service plan for two previous phones).

Thanks zsazsa, but the link you provided leads to a college football page.

Thanks kicking...but as also mentioned in my OP, that was already done.

Still trying. :)
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"Turn by turn directions" is the term people use to describe what you want, btw. I think "navigation" can refer to just the route finding stuff. When I search for that and WebOS, I do find people talking about using, which is certainly the same thing zsazsa was talking about.

Good luck!
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Thanks aubilenon, I'll be sure to use that term from now on so that I'm better understood. Funny that the scout link didn't work for me, I'll do more searches for that.

Spent some time on this today and this is as far as I got:

Steps to get GPS Navigator for HP Veer


1) Home computer
2) Update Java
3) WebOS Quick Install (will not show any sign of instillation)
if at work, blocked, email link to phone and then transfer via USB back to computer
4) Novacom Driver
5) Change phone to Developer Mode
6) Reboot Phone
7) Ignore steps on link 6,7,8,9, they don't mean anything
8) Preware from Applications
9) Navit
10) Navit Maps
eleventythousand) Scream and shout because it still doesn't work, Navit shows blank map no matter how much you try to configure the settings
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Darn, is ONLY for Android or iPhone.
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