What to wear at SoulCycle?
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I'm taking some cycling classes at SoulCycle. What should I wear & what should I bring with me?

It's been a while since I've been to the gym, but I used to enjoy spin classes, so I'm going to try to get back in the habit at SoulCycle (more on them here). I know I am overthinking this, but I don't want to stand out in a black-socks-in-gym-class sort of way and feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, especially since SoulCycle is known to be a "trendy" place.

So I'd like to have the right gear without looking like I'm trying way too hard to be super-trendy. Basically, I just want to blend in. Thanks for your help!
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It is a trendy place, but on the other hand your working out in a relatively dark room with a bunch of other people who are pretty focused on their own working out. You can get the fancy Athleta or Lulu pants and the cycling shoes, but I hardly think any of that is necessary. There might be a few 'see and be seen' types in class, but for the most part I wouldn't worry. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

I do however urge folks going to Soul Cycle to consider the un-trendiest thing in the world, ear plugs, because dear lord those classes can get loud.
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*you're, sheesh.
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I agree with Lutoslawski that it's a dark room and you can wear whatever you want, but it sounds like you want to dress to fit in so here it is:

- black spandex capris or shorts (Lulu, Athleta, Target, whatever)
- any kind of racerback tank top

It gets brutally hot and you sweat a lot, so don't forget to bring a water bottle and a headband (if applicable for your hair).

Don't buy the shoes until you've decided you're really committed to going on a regular basis -- they have shoes for $1 rental and it isn't, like, the mark of a newbie or anything, I would say that most people in the classes I've been to are renting the shoes.

And yes, absolutely take the complimentary ear plugs from the front desk. You can always take them out if you don't like wearing them, but it's hard to go get them in the middle of class if you don't have them already.
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Meant to mention: I'm a mid-30s male.
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Judging by these videos, it looks like you'll be good with basic athletic shorts and plain t-shirt. Maybe made of sweat-wicking material if you're feeling extra fancy :)
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You can wear running shorts and a shirt. You should wear the lightest, thinnest things you have because if you're anything like me (40yo male) boy howdy are you going to sweat.

I wear cycling shorts and a summer running tshirt. Cycling or running socks are a good thing to have on and rent the shoes.

No one is going to pay you any mind if you wear whatever you'd wear to the gym.

Tell the folks behind the counter it is your first time and show up a little early. They will make sure that you're all set and your bike is properly adjusted.

Enjoy! I think SS is the very best.
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If you have padded cycling shorts, you might want to bust those out to prevent sore/chaffed butt. Wear a lightweight, breathable t-shirt or sleeveless shirt. Bring a towel. One mistake I made was that my non-standard sized water bottle didn't fit into the cup holder very well, and fell out about 10 minutes in, causing my neighbor to have to stop to retrieve it from under her foot.

Have fun!
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