Dragons! At Arisia!
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I'm trying to track down a vendor who was selling dragon statues, ranging from hatchlings coming out of the eggs to newborns to adults. Incredible detail, really great sheen, and around 45 dollars in cost. I forgot to get a business card :(

Unfortunately I spent so much time talking about how they were changing casting methods and color schemes that I forgot to grab a business card. Is this ringing any bells? I got the impression it was a two person team, with the woman doing the dragons as her specialty.

I don't think they're listed on the Arisia site; I checked and none of the names looked familiar.
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Response by poster: Oh and I think the dragon's eyes were either crystal or bead. And also, they had just sold out of the larger old scarred dragon ( you know, the ancient noble warrior one every dragon clutch has) and they had a really cool cat candle holder.
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Have you tried researching the vendors on the list or posting in the Arisia forums linked from their site?
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Best answer: Not Melody Pena, right?
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Damn you, PhoBWanKenobi. Just about to post the same link. :)
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Response by poster: YAY! Another Arisia miracle!
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