Timely queer and kink content for my facebook and twitter feed
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I've just had an article published nationally, and oh boy is that addictive and fun! I want to do more, so I need ideas to pitch! I'm looking for some tweeters and some Facebook groups and posters to follow who will have awesome kink/womens'/sex-positive/sex-work/trans/lgbt/poly/etc news, criticism and analysis. Feminist and socialist feeds also a plus. Many thanks, hive mind!
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As a straight male interested in dressing well, I find The Handsome Butch quite enlightening.
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I am a big fan of Black Girl Dangerous.
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Erika Moen?
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Kat Haché.
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Autostraddle has plenty of this kind of stuff, I think they often take submissions too if you're interested. They have a twitter and facebook feed, I actually get most of my lgbt news through them.
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Clarisse Thorn
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LadyBits has a collection on Medium you might like. They also have a Twitter feed. It's often tech-related but tackles some of the topics you're interested in.
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I quite enjoy Sinclair Sexsmith's blog Sugarbutch. They're a genderqueer butch top who's been writing for ages. Also, The Pervocracy. I think they both have twitters and facebooks.
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