Disappearing Pages documents on Ipad
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I use Pages on an Ipad Mini: yesterday I found that all of my documents had suddenly disappeared - Pages was just showing 'no documents'. All the software is up to date, but there have been no major changes or traumatic events recently. There were about a dozen documents, mainly very small but a couple of large ones. What I typically do is switch Word documents over from a PC via Google Drive in order to fiddle with bits of drafting while on the train. I therefore have recent copies of everything, so the actual loss is merely a little irritating; but I don't want it happening again. Any ideas about what could have caused this?
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Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I recently lost all my Instapaper documents on my iPad 2. I power-cycled the iPad a couple of times, but that didn't have any effect. Then, I uninstalled the Instapaper app and re-installed it. That seemed to fix it -- it synced with my Instapaper cloud account, and the documents re-appeared on my iPad.
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Do you have iCloud turned on, and are your Pages documents synced or backed up to iCloud? If so you could try logging into iCloud from a computer and seeing if the documents show up there.

Short of Alex1965's suggest you could just try shutting down and restarting your iPad.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I've tried shutting down the Ipad completely and restarting a couple of times. I'll try reinstalling Pages. I'm not using iCloud, so I don't think that will help.

I do have fairly recent copies, so although I'd like to recover the actual documents, understanding what happened is the main thing.
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I am not super familiar with Apple customer service but it couldn't hurt to email them or whatever and ask about this? Or if it's not a huge hassle get a "genius" or whatever they're called now to look at it?
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If you delete an app, data associated gets deleted with it as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all.
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