Changing residency. What order do I do these things in?
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Changing my residency from NJ to CT. Simultaneously purchasing a used car to replace a NJ registered, just totaled car (for which I still have plates). And simultaneously switching from old NJ health coverage, to new CT Obamacare health coverage. So, have to change license, registration, mailing address, health care, and anything else you all might suggest. Is there any particular order I need to do these things in?
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The one bit of advice I've got there: check with the NJ MVC to find out whether you'll need to surrender the plates for the totaled car, or otherwise confirm with them that the car no longer exists, because the NJ MVC does not forget and it does not forgive. Random shakedowns for registration fees for nonexistent cars are a thing with them.
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I've moved many times and never changed my license or registration. I got a speeding ticket and the cop warned me that I needed to change my license and registration, but then when I got my second speeding ticket, the cop just warned me again. I never registered my car with my new state. I honestly don't it is as urgent as you might think. That said, I never moved to New Jersey. I would check and see how the registration costs differ when it comes to transferring a registration vs. getting a new one, and then just check with the DMV and make sure you can do whichever is cheaper.

Most important thing is that your mail is forwarding to the new address and that your financial institution has a current address. Since I've moved a few times, I honestly use my mom's address for my bank, that way I know I'll never lose anything or have it sent to the wrong hands. 99% of what my bank sends me doesn't matter. If it ever does, my mom calls me and sends it to me if I need it. In the same boat, any student loans, you should update your address because they will send tax forms and let you know if you're delinquent. That sort of stuff. I wouldn't only count on mail forwarding -- it only lasts so long.

You can also register to vote in your new state, if you care.
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