IMAP difficulties on iPhone
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How can I prevent the default iPhone from showing ALL my emails in the inbox as well as in their respective folders?

I use my iPhone and the Mac Mavericks email app to access my work email account. On the iPhone, the account is set up as an exchange account so I do not have to use a VPN to access my emails. On the desktop app, it is not possible to set up the account as an exchange account due to the lack of activesync, and I must use IMAP only (and therefore require a VPN when I am outside the office).

On the desktop app, I have a series of folders in which I organize my various emails. When i drag an email into one of these folders, it disappears from the default inbox, as I would expect.

When I access this same account through the iPhone (and iPad), the folder structure appears, but all the emails appear in both the folders and in the main inbox, UNLESS I shifted the email into a folder on the phone rather than on the desktop. While not a critical concern, this is nonetheless annoying because while I have "inbox zero" on my laptop, this is not reflected on my phone - I open up my iPad/iPhone mail and am not instantly sure if I have actually dealt with the emails that are in the inbox or not.
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On the account setup, click Advanced, and enter "Mail" in the IMAP Path Prefix field.
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Response by poster: There's no option for that that I can find under iOS7. After clicking on "advanced", my options are: Use SSL (Y/N), Move discarded messages into (deleted mailbox/archived mailbox), use S/MIME (Y/N).
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Response by poster: Well I now have inbox zero, because fiddling with these IMAP Path Prefix settings on the desktop app somehow deleted all my emails off the server and I now have no access to them. Shit.
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Is there an Apple store near you? I've heard that the staff there will troubleshoot these types of problems at no charge. I personally don't have any experience with that, but other people have told me that the staff are pretty helpful.
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