When the High Lonesome Sound is coming from the baby...
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I've got a few fellow mom friends who play bluegrass and old-time, and we're starting a Ladies' Pickin' and Playdate, so we can combine childcare and playing a few tunes. Of course, we need a motto.

Any thoughts? The only one I could come up with is "If the baby's wailing, don't stop frailing," but that's all I've got. Ideas?
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"We've had a request, but we're going to keep playing anyway." (Applies to kids as well as musicians. Oh, please say you're The Mother Maybelles!)
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"It takes a stinkin to stop our plinkin."

"Piddlers and Fiddlers Unite."

"Mama DO allow pickin round here."

"(number) Girls, (number) Boppies"

"Down home stay at homes."

"Pickin hags with baby bags"

"Foot thumpin and breast pumpin"

" Dancin beats and new car seats"

" Jams, jammies, and lunchtime sammies"

"Old time, nap time, snack time."
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Hot Tamales and Their Rug Rats.
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Stroller Wheels on a Gravel Road?
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Hartford Wailers
Can I Have My Waistline Back?
Lactation Station
Colic & Frolic
We're in Tune - They're Just Teething
I Left My Sanity In The Other Diaper Bag
Mashed Peas And Strained C's
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There's got to be a motto in the lyrics to Motherless Children. Maybe just "Nobody treats you like Mother will."
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"This Bluegrass doesn't stain."
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I literally LOL'd at "Stroller Wheels on a Gravel Road." There's already an all-gal band called the Maybelles around here, MonkeyToes, but thanks! Good idea. And Mumkin, I like the Carter family reference. Thanks all, these are hilarious.
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Bum ditty bum ditty bum ditty bum dirty bum
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