Will my vinyl LPs warp in storage?
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I'm planning to store my belongings, including about a thousand vinyl LPs and 45s. Should I invest in a more expensive climate controlled unit to keep them from warping?


1. This is in Los Angeles, probably in the San Gabriel Valley.
2. I am planning to store the LPS in 12X12 boxes, standing upright rather than stacked, '
3. The added cost of climate control is probably $300 to $400 in the year.
4. Months will be February 2014 through November 2014.

The non-climate controlled facility that I have rented claims to top out at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Given the value of the records, I imagine most comments will suggest that a $400 premium is a no-brainer. But I'm curious whether there is any actual and documented temperature at which I can expect damage. (I know, in general, that storage should be upright and packed fairly tightly.)

I have reviewed this thread and found it helpful, but wanted more feedback/experience/etc than it provides: http://ask.metafilter.com/54481/What-is-the-best-way-to-store-vinyl-records-over-an-extended-period-of-time
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Yes, you should invest in climate control.

I do not know shit about temperature, but I run a record store and about a 1/3rd of the time when people bring me records from their storage room, I'm unable to purchase them because they are warped. Note that I have not seen the records while stored and can't report if they were stored "properly", but I can tell you they're always upset when they find out.

Also, note that I am not in Los Angeles, but in Toronto.
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The non-climate controlled facility that I have rented claims to top out at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

I would be cautious about this claim. Yes, the average daily high temp in July, August and September is in the low to mid-80s. However, a record high of 113 was recorded as recently as September 2010.

Direct sun beating down on a metal roof for an entire day can produce some surprising heat.

I believe dobbs has it right.
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Absolutely yes, get climate control.
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Your LPs won't fit in a 12x12 box. You want something like these.
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I've used these folks in the past and had a very good experience:
STORBOX Self Storage. On Foothill, by the Pasadena In-n-Out.
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Absolutely go for the climate control. Temperature fluctuation could potentially be as damaging as higher temperatures. Isn't it reasonable to think that in a twenty-four hour period, the storage facility's ambient temperature could vary as much as 20 degrees?

Additionally, I'm wondering -- the storage place you are currently considering: is there a chance for other environmental damage in this facility (ie. humidity)? Spending the one-time $400 to ensure your treasures remain safe seems a no-brainer to me. Most of the guides I'm reading say over 75 degrees is a no-no.

Here's a good guide from a vinyl restorer.
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Response by poster: Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for putting me over the line into small, wise investment territory.
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