Death Metaphor at Disney
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Looking for a blog post about death imagery/metaphor at Disneyland/Disney World. Sound familiar?

I stumbled across a blog post on I think an urban planning-type blog years ago talking about death imagery/metaphor at Disneyland (crossing the water at the gates = crossing the River Styx type stuff). The blog was grey text on a black background... I can't for the life of me find it but if anyone else knows what I'm talking about, could you send me a link?
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I can't help but be reminded of what I've read about Escape from Tomorrow.

Urban planning type blog reminds me only of BLDG BLOG though, and searching that blog doesn't turn up anything, and the design is wrong - not gray on black.
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Not a blog, but this is analyzed in The Geography of Nowhere. Perhaps the blog was discussing the book, or was an excerpt from the book?
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In the old Haunted Mansion, after you leave the attic (through the window) there's a bit with a caretaker who appears to be frightened BY YOU, the subtext being that with your fall from the window you've crossed over to the other side and now you're not just a spectator, but a participant in the festivities.
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Just a shot in the dark, but did it have anything to do with Baudrillard and his writing about Disneyland/world, from 1988 and 1996? If so, that might help narrow it down.
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