Help me save my bf's birthday dinner! Recipe ideas for an upset stomach.
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Today is my boyfriend's birthday and I had plans to make a lovely, elaborate, and special meal but he is recovering from a stomach bug. Let's say there is no longer any serious diarrhea, but he is taking it easy for now. But now I am at a loss to figure out something special, vegetarian and gentle to prepare for tonight. So, please share your lovely vegetarian recipes that are good for a weak stomach.
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Quiche? Depending, of course, on what veggies and cheese you put in it, I think of this as a pretty mild meal, but still lovely and delicious. And bonus: very easy to make!
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Definitely ask him what he's in the mood for, there may be some good ideas there.
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I would like a mushroom risotto if I was him.
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Risotto doesn't have to be really cheesy if you don't want it to be, because a lot of the creaminess comes from cooking it properly. My favorite vegetarian risotto has mint, green peas and lemon zest stirred in at the end along with the cheese. Use shallot, veggie stock, and white wine for the risotto process.
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A really wonderful homemade bread might be nice with whatever you make. Certainly makes the house smell terrific, and I'm always craving bread when I'm in the middle of a stomach bug.
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I'm just going to quote myself from an earlier thread: When I'm sick, my husband makes me creamy, boiled, short-grain white rice with olive oil and lemon juice, and it's so soothing and tastes so good that each time I swear that I will never eat anything else - just boiled rice with olive oil and lemon, forever.

Fresh lemon, good olive oil, much boil, wow. So good it almost makes being ill worth it. Depending on the state of the tummy, this can be served with a simple green salad.
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Mizu - yes, yes, yes! That's the same as my favourite risotto! I use a variation of the Jamie Oliver pea and prawn risotto - OP could just omit the prawn.

Sooo soothing and delicious.
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I don't know your boyfriend or your relationship, but if it were me, I might just want a "normal" nice gentle dinner and save the fancy stuff for when I'm 100% - and then you can go properly all-out.
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I like mild, brothy, salty soups when my stomach is upset/was recently upset. Miso soup is one of my favorite options.

However, seconding Brandon Blatcher, who suggests you ask your bf what he's in the mood for. Because to be completely honest, the very idea of eating some of the other suggestions on this thread while recovering from a stomach bug makes me queasy - obviously there is a great deal of variation among people's upset stomach foods of choice, so I really think your best bet is to check with him.
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Or even better, ask him what he's in the mood and suggest some of the meals mentioned in this thread. That way, you're giving him a whole bunch of options.
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Breakfast for dinner! A really, really nice one of his favorite type. Homemade bread for French toast? Or as a side for lovely fluffy scrambled eggs? My husband is vegetarian and he adores the Morningstar "sausage" patties. And he's wild for home fries made with roasted fingerling potatoes and roasted garlic.
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Creamy scrambled eggs and toast.

Save the fancy dinner for another night.
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White rice and a glass of water would be appropriate. Not for the birthday occasion, but certainly for his condition.
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I'll agree with others who recommend soup. My favorite when not feeling well is carrot-ginger soup or carrot-apple-ginger soup.
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Aw, poor guy. I had a stomach bug on my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and postponed the birthday dinner--I really didn't want to eat. I agree with the person above who said food is a very personal preference when you're sick... Some of these suggestions would have definitely made me queasy as I was recovering, especially the eggs. I would say ask him, and give him an IOU for a nice dinner when he's better. One thing I did manage to eat eventually, though, was vegetarian broth with soba noodles. Potato pierogies were nice too.
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BRAT. Bananas - Rice - Applesauce - Toast.
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Matzoh Ball Soup.
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