Tips for managing a mobile survey lab
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My organization is working on a project where we will be going to various public locations (malls, airports, colleges, etc) and setting up stations where we pay people to take surveys on tablets or laptops.

My responsibility is to think about the tech side of things, such as:
  • What type of tablets to use
  • How to prevent theft of our tablets
  • How to transport them (e.g. rolling suitcase)
  • How to provide internet connectivity (e.g. MiFi)
  • How to load the URLs and lock device so users can't go to other websites or apps.
  • Everything else that could possibly go wrong (network failure, dead batteries, etc.)
To avoid reinventing the wheel, I want to find out how these problems have been solved before. So my questions are:
  1. Has anyone seen another organization do something like this before? (Maybe I can learn from their experience.)
  2. Are there companies that provide off-the-shelf technology solutions for projects like this? (e.g. a suitcase with 30 tablets, portable hotspots, and the software & hardware necessary to maintain and manage these devices)
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What's your expected staff to laptop/tablet ratio?

I've done this on a smaller scale and in my experience there's no physical lock or software solution as good as an actual person when it comes to stopping members of the public taking off with or fucking around with your tech.
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I don't have any specific vendor recommendations but it sounds like you could maybe look for someone who specializes in electronic kiosks?
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