What goes with a leather blazer?
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I was recently given this rather nice quality leather blazer, but I feel like a mafioso if I wear it out. Thoughts on what to pair it with? On the legs, especially? The model's very minimal t-shirt seems like an ok idea, I dunno though. I'm pretty tall, fairly skinny.
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Leaving aside the Michael Jackson pose, I think the grey t-shirt/jeans look in the last photo works.

The white t-shirt under it definitely gives off the air of "legitimate businessman" that you're trying to avoid, so dark shirt is definitely better. But if you really don't like it, can you just exchange it, at least for store credit?
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Not trying to be snarky, but nothing pairs with it if it's not your look.
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One option: I'm thinking you could skew toward a "mod" kind of vibe, hipster-ish, to avoid macho mafioso feelings. There's a photo on that page of a guy wearing a leather-esque blazer that was one of the top hits for "mod men's style" on google image.

On top:
Any manner of colored t-shirts would look good underneath, I think. If you did a button up of some kind it would need to be slim tailored and I'd keep in buttoned up high (or like the photo I linked above, he has it all the way up if you feel comfortable with that sort of look). Or with a narrow tie.

On the bottom:
I don't know your style, but I think this definitely needs to go with a skinnier more fitted pant. My first thought was skinny black pants, even black jeans. Dark blue jeans could maybe work. Olive drab could be interesting.
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Definitely blue/other colour jeans (not black, IMHO; black looks too mafioso). You might be able to get away with a very narrow-waled corduroy but that's kind of a clash and would depend very much on the cut of the trousers. If it's your style, you could also pair it with checked trousers, I'm thinking the bigger checks/more colourful variety rather than the smaller checks and subdued colours like grey/black. But you have to like that kind of thing.
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Something like this?

If you're brave, try it with pants and boots like this.
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Actually, I would ONLY wear this with black jeans. Blue jeans and a leather jacket have an unmistakeable aura of middle-aged naffness to me - unless you're Marlon Brando in the Wild Ones, and you're probably not. At any rate, this is the wrong style of jacket for that look.

So - make em black, make em tight. As for what to wear under it, I'd avoid a collared shirt. Keep it simple with a white or grey t-shirt.

I think that's the best way to wear a jacket like this - in a monochrome outfit. It levels out the the inherent uncoolness (sorry for speaking so frankly) of a leather blazer.
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Slender cut black pants, a dark crewneck shirt (black if you aren't sure about navy - I like navy with black, personally) and a really sharp looking pair of black shoes, preferably in a leather that resembles that of the jacket.

You could try a turtleneck, but then you would have to get the whole supervillain lair setup to go with it, and that might be a tad much unless you're really into accessorizing.
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Tall and skinny Chef Tony Bourdain has a leather blazer he wears all the time. He looks fantastic in it. He wears it with everything.
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