Where can I find this brand of buckwheat tea?
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Where can I find this brand of buckwheat tea? I tried Googling the phone number without any luck. All the text is in Japanese, I think, so I can't dig any deeper than that.
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Can you give us some more clues like where you got it? Where you are located? Can you take a picture of the back (I may have it but I put it in a jar and just pasted the back label on it)?
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I'm in the Bay Area. My mom's coworker gave her this tea, and I don't have any more information than that. Here's the back. Here's a bit of hidden text under the front label.
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It's "dattan soba cha," I guess AKA "Tartary buckwheat tea," from Saga prefecture. But I can't easily read more than that, and googling all of the above in Japanese does not reveal any similar labels. At least, as far as I could tell. (I'm not fluent, I don't know all that much about tea, etc.)
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Oh, and adding Sakuma (サクマ, under the label) in either English or Japanese didn't do anything either...
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Seconding wintersweets translation. Google it with no space between dattansoba cha brought up lots of pictures of tea. I don't have Japanese fonts enabled to search in Japanese for you. You could always use a computer program to try and call the phone number and maybe you'll get someone who speaks enough English to give you a name of a distributor.
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I found (strangely enough) a Google+ page but it seems to be a generic placeholder. They don't appear to have any real web presence in Japanese. The company name is ()佐熊製茶園 (sakuma-sei saen). The other stuff on the front is basically "order factory direct, dial toll-free," with the phone number and address.

It's entirely possible that there is no distribution for this brand in the US. But you might try calling the various Japanese markets around the Bay Area (Mitsuwa, Nijiya, Tokyo Fish Market, etc) with the clues so far.
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Thank you all! This may be harder than I thought. I might try calling around.
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Yeah, the tea producer has no Japanese web presence to speak of (googling their name brings up directory sites with nothing more than the address and phone number). The "dattan soba cha" type of tea seems relatively common however, and if you search on the Rakuten global site lots of shops ship to the US, so if you're not picky about the specific brand you can try buying some online.
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