Seamless boxer shorts / briefs to avoid sciatica pressure point
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I find seams on boxer shorts act as a pressure point for sciatic pain at the back of my thighs, when sitting. Can anyone recommend mens underwear that avoids the problem? Preferably, something available in the UK.
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Are you looking for loose fit boxer shorts or are you okay with something tighter-fitting?

On the tighter side, my husband likes Under Armour's boxerjock (UK page) offerings. While there's a seam diagonally across the back, it's flatlock serged and blends in with the surrounding athletic fabric.

If looser, check into what Hanes offers - a couple years ago they started making a big deal about seamless construction on their t-shirts and garments but I can't speak to their boxers specifically.
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I used to have that problem when I was a mounted (horse) police officer in New Orleans. My solution back then was to wear a thong underwear. Now this was back in the late '80's, so thongs were not prevalent like they are today. Matter of fact, I had to go to a lingerie shop on Bourbon St to buy my undies.

These Under Armour boxerjock briefs may work. Look at the rear view of the boxers, I would be concerned about the seams running along the buttocks.
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How about Saxx ?
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