Leipzig for the weekend - make it awesome for us
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My husband and I are spending next weekend in Leipzig - arriving Friday evening leaving Sunday afternoon/evening, getting to and from by car. We are couchsurfing with people in the south of the city, and have very little in the way of plans other than seeing the train station (we werre last in Leipzig over a decade ago and the train station was closed due to a bomb threat, so we really want to see it this time). Places to visit, places to eat, cake/beer/meals not to be missed - all ideas gratefully recieved.
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Colditz Castle
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Thomaskirche. Auerbachs Keller.
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I've never been to Leipzig, but the name of the city instantly makes me think of the Leipzig Gewandhaus. If I were spending a weekend there, I would try to see a show.
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I go to Leipzig annually for a huge goth music festival, so a lot of things I love about the city are only there one weekend a year. That said:

Definitely try to get to the Gewandhaus, if you can-- it's one of the world's best orchestras. The Thomaskirche choir are also supposed to be splendid. The one time I went to the opera, it sounded like a national rather than an international house; the voices were good but not stellar. The opera house itself is postwar-- so no Baroque flourishes-- but nice inside.

For local cuisine done with excellent ingredients, the Gasthaus Alte Nikolaischule in the center of town is great. The salads are lovely if you're bored with mitteleuropäisch fried-lump-of-thing cooking, and if you aren't, their schnitzel is world-class.

For slightly-more-affordable pub food and quality beer, I like the Moritzbastei. It's a pub in the remains of a 16th century brick fortress on the south edge of town, and has its own eponymous Metro stop. It's sort of labyrinthine, with a lot of different rooms, and by night it morphs into a music venue and club. They have a lot of great drinks, including a cocktail bar tucked away in a corner if you look-- but what my friends and I always drink is the Schwarzbier. It'll be on the menu as "Köstritzer Schwarzbier" or "Dunkel" or something, but you can just smile at the bartender and say "Schwarzbier, bitte" and you'll get a lovely, slightly chilled glass stein of dark beer-- not a stout, mind you, just a dark beer-- that's sort of smoky and tastes, I swear, a bit like Coke. In summer, it is the best thing in the world. In winter, YMMV, but try one and see.

I realise this is turning into the Classical Music and Drunkenness Tour, but try to get to the Sixtina absinthe bar if you can-- they've got an excellent painted ceiling for staring up at when you've had sufficient absinthe. If you can't get into Sixtina then La Petite Absintherie is 10 minutes' walk away and also great. Sixtina opens at 4pm on weekends; La Petite at 7pm.

Every year I plan to get to the Musical Instruments Museum, but I'm always too hungover to go.
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