Using metadata to search for artifacts
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Are you aware of a book or paper that has insights into how one might go about searching for information about things or artifacts?

I'm specifically looking at the search as a process where one would have an initial awareness of an artifact and then use information they have about that artifact to search for it. There may be other steps where one would need to acquire more information or possibly have to deal with conflicting information. You begin with limited information and acquire more information as you go through the process. It might be seen as a search/knowledge building process.

For example, you might have information about an IBM System/360, is there some procedure out there, a step by step process, to determine where you might find one? Maybe something similar to how detectives and archeologists work?
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Everybody does this in different ways, and this is a topic of research within Information Science. One way to find out more about studies in this area is to search online for "information seeking behavior" and/or "information seeking theory."
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Also, since you said you are specifically interested in "the search as a process" you might want to look at Hadoop and Map Reduce but only if you would need to concern yourself with scalability and if your metadata is adaptable to parallel analysis.
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Another IR theory keyword you might use is"pearl growing".
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