Accurate info on DSM 5 changes, anyone?
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Hi, I don't want to fork out for it really as have just a few enquiries. Does anyone know, for sure if personality disorders are still in clusters???? Wiki says yes but I'd like to double check. Are the axes gone? Why did everyone hate axes so much? I have found a few great articles online but mainly written before it came out. Thanks
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I havent been to a dsm v training yet. I'm about to take the lcsw and dont want to confuse myself. However there are many trainings that are out there to give an accurate description of what the changes to the dsm v provides links to free sources that may have your answer.
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One option could be to go to a bookstore and look at the DSM-V in person. Or purchase one from Amazon.
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Axes are gone, I believe. At the training I attended the presenter said it was in part so people couldn't be denied treatment on the basis of their diagnosis not being Axis 1.
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Yes, the axis system is gone. Nothing else about the personality disorders has changed (the clusters or the disorders themselves).

There was a whole new system for describing personality disorders in terms of basic personality traits that they ALMOST switched to, but then they decided not to, so it got stuck in an appendix for future study.
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Axes are indeed gone and personality disorders are still in clusters.

Source: I'm looking at my copy of the DSM 5.
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Response by poster: Great help. Thanks :)
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