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I want to find something to do during Winter break (1 month) in the suburbs. I'd like a job where I get to talk to random strangers and perhaps something related to sales. I was thinking those people in the mall/airport that try to get you to sign up for credit cards. What is a good option and where can I find one of these? Wage/salary is irrelevant.
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If salary is irrelevant why not volunteer at a soup kitchen? (or some other type of charity). You'll definitely meet a lot of different people you're probably not used to encountering.

Granted you're not really doing sales, but perhaps it might be a more interesting experience.

Er, the next time you're at the mall, you could always ask the person manning the credit card booth how they got their job (maybe even what their experiences talking with random strangers is like - and see if that matches what up with what you wanted).
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Seconded volunteering with a charity.

Otherwise, see if you can get a stint as a census taker. Otherwise, non-profit orgs such as the SPCA, Amnesty, Red Cross, &c are always looking for people to volunteer to solicit donations (the local SPCA here went on a big push to enroll people to commit to monthly donations rather than one-offs - in addition to interacting with the public, there are also cute co-volunteer grls and bois).

I have a friend who works with the "community" police departments as a mascot who seems to enjoy it - must be the kids he gets to play with.
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I believe a certain David Sedaris (aka Crumpet) has just the ticket. Click here to listen to his answer to your wintry question.
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If you're of a certain political persuasion, you could work for the Public Interest Research Group. My sister-in-law worked for NYPIRG. Seems like fun. You get to make cold calls door to door, asking for money and advocating stuff. I think that you get paid with a (small) cut of the action.
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Another "work with a local charity" suggestion, especially if you have skills that might benefit them after your one-month stint (e.g., getting a database set up, putting together fundraising materials or getting donations from/connections with other groups).

If not that, yeah, the PIRGs.
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Does the USPS hire clerks seasonally? You might earn some actual money and won't have to worry about a ginormous, chaotic mall environment or any sleazy sales techniques, while still meeting a (reasonable) flow of people during the day?
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