Best Product Packaging Suppliers?
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where can i find cool, quirky packaging for my products?

i'm in need of some really cool product packaging that won't totally bankrupt me. ideally, i'd be able to get boxes, bags, labels and other types of packaging all in one place. this is for a small webshop s ! elling quirky-but-morbid kinds of things, so i want something to match that tone.

any ideas and suggestions are welcome!
thank you!
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Nashville Wraps?
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AliExpress lets you to buy direct from Asian manufacturers in small quantities.

Be prepared to spend a while digging for what you want. A lot of items aren't that well tagged/described.
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Paper Mart
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Yes! in Chicago does a ton of short-run stuff using digital press and has a big die selection. I used them for an executive conference and they were great. They printed each matched set of packages with individual attendee names. Another Chicago pkg specialist is Sunrise Digital who uses digital printing and digital cutters (laser tables and/or rotary routers) to score and cut small custom runs.

The Sunrise Digital link is cool as it shows a digital printer/cutter operation.
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