Best running shoe for overpronator
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What shoes work well for overpronators who need cushioning and stability?

Looking for a good running shoe for a overpronator (woman). Beginner runner running maybe 10 miles a week. Currently using Brooks GTS 12 but not happy wiht GTS 13. Has worked well with Nike Zoom 4 and Brooks (not interested in minimalist shoes). This is for road running.
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I was recommended the Brooks trance by my podiatrist, for similar issues, and have been very pleased with performance.
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Maybe Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 or Brooks Trance 12? I'd try the shoe advisor at Brooks Running.
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Seconding the Brooks Adrenaline! They saved me after foot surgery and I'm back to training and will be doing my 26th marathon in April! Thanks Brooks!

Mizuno Wave Alchemy is another go to of mine.

Happy running!
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I hate the Brooks Adrenaline 13 (after being an Adrenaline devotee for years and years). I loved the Trance, but had to give it up when they stopped making it in D (wide).

I've now settled on the Asics Gel Kayano 19. (20 is apparently the current model, dangit.) The structure is good for my pronation and the cushioned forefoot is delightful.
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Just so everyone is aware, the Brooks GTS 12/13 is the same as the Adrenaline 12/13.

I was in a similar situation (though IIRC it was the update from the 11 to the 12) and am very happy in the Mizuno Wave Inspires. Earlier versions had sliiiightly less pronation correction than the Adrenalines/GTS, but I am told the 10 (the newest version) is a little more like the Adrenaline. Try them on if you can, but they make my feet really happy.
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Just so you know there is little to no evidence that specific shoes types are better for specific footfall patterns. The Well Blog on the NYTimes covers this a lot.
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I'm a severe overpronator and I was prescribed the Nike Equalon and the Asics Gel Foundation.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great suggestions. I am looking at the Trance 11, can't find a 8.5 anywhere :(
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I am the same size! I got mine on eBay they were genuine and cheap.
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I am an extreme overpronator in just one foot. I wear Asics Kayano.
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@ roomthreeseventeen Which Kayano?
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I am returning to this thread to say that my experiment with the Asics Gel Kayano 19 was kind of a knee-wrecking disaster, and I am now into the Mizuno Wave Inspire, as matcha action suggested above. The Kayanos just didn't hold up; dude at the running store yesterday said it looked like my foot was falling right off of them.
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Sorry about your knee-wrecking disaster, but happy that you are enjoying the Inspires! I just bought my (I think) sixth pair last month (they last quite a long time, I just run a lot of miles). Love love love them.
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