Help converting audible .aax files for use on jump drive in car
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Recently, I am finding myself with a significant amount of drive time. I have many audio books I have downloaded from amazon which use the audible proprietary .aax file. They play in iTunes but I need to put them on a jump drive so that my MicroSoft sync system in my car will recognize them and allow me to listen. I could care less about the DRM, sharing or any of that business. I just want to be able to use the files outside of my Mac. They are too long to burn to a CD I have searched the web with no satisfaction. Any answers, oh wise mefi?
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Have you tried the How to set up Audible audiobooks for use with SYNC instructions on Ford's site?
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I've used SoundTaxi to convert .aa files to .mp3 and, although time consuming to convert, works better than burning to CD. They do have instructions for Mac users but it's using Boot Camp or a virtual PC to run the Windows software.

There are lots of Audible converters for Mac but since I do not have a Mac, have not used them.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. The Ford/SYNC site requires a PC which I do not have.

The converters may work. I'll give that a go. thanks!
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