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Been on Virgin Mobile, thinking of making the leap to a contract carrier - is it better to have my own plan or join my partner's AT&T plan?

I've had a lot of hardware and general connection problems with Virgin Mobile lately and am thinking it's time to move to something a little higher end and hopefully more reliable. At the same time, my partner who has been with AT&T forever needs to upgrade her iPhone, so we thought maybe both of us could save some money with some kind of combined plan. Several hours ago, this sounded like a good, straightforward idea, but after reading through plans, trying to compare them, I'm exhausted and I'm not sure I'm any the wiser.

I'm hoping that there are enough MeFites who have negotiated phone plans as a couple that the green will be a source of sage advice. There are really two questions: first, am I better off just getting a plan by myself? I've looked at my usual data usage and it's unlikely that I will need more than 1 GB/month and about 1000 minutes, plus 1000 texts. Second, if we decide to get a plan together, is there an AT&T plan that would be reasonably priced for one android user and one iPhone user? FYI, my partner's bill specifically says "Unlimited iPhone data $30".

Our needs are basically:
Me: 1GB data, 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, prefer an Android phone
Partner: 1GB data, 2000/2500 minutes, unlimited texts, needs iPhone
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I was part of a combined plan with Verizon at $80.00 per month with unlimited talk/text/data. i don't believe they offer that option anymore. After much research I dropped off the plan and took my android to page plus cellular. For $29.95 per month I receive 1200 minutes/1200 texts/I can't remember the data amount but it is low. They offer other options.

I have not regretted leaving Verizon or Virgin Mobile, who I had an $80 credit with. The customer service is terrible at both. Page Plus has been wonderful to deal with and they use Verizon lines so the coverage is excellent (at least on the Pacific Coast).

The downside to Page Plus is you have to buy your own phone. When my old android finally died I found out that practically everyone I know has an old phone in a drawer so I did not have to spend any money on a replacement.

The only reason I would go with a contract again would be for the data but I am not in that position at the moment.
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Straight Talk for two is pretty close to AT&T for one.
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