Best pot shops in Denver?
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I'm heading to Denver this weekend, and I'm planning to enjoy Colorado's fine range of entirely-goddamn-legal-after-I've-been-fighting-for-it-since-the-1990s marijuana! Which shop(s) should I visit? Which strains should I try? Weed-friendly hotels?

I'm hoping for a store or two with helpful, clued-in employees and a reasonably wide range of product. Please recommend your favorite stores! Cost is less important to me than quality, but a sweet spot between both would be great.

Medical marijuana is not widely available at home, so my experience with the kind of weed which carries a proper name (other than "that killer indica|sativa John had that one time") is a bit limited. Strains I've tried and loved in the past include Blue Dream and AK-47. I tend to enjoy a smoke that makes me eager to alphabetize my CD collection, go hiking, and/or clean the house over weed which induces relaxation and couchlock... if you have any strain recommendations or other things I should try, I'd love to hear them!

Likewise, my friend and I could use a good 420-friendly hotel, for obvious reasons. I'd be willing to spend around $120 a night, but cheaper is better if it's still a decent place to stay. Other fun things to do in Denver when you're stoned would be welcome, too!

Thanks for making my weekend awesome!
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I can't help with the pot strains but Voodoo Donuts just officially opened here for all your donut snacking needs.
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Here is the map of the 136 licensed recreational marijuana dealers in Colorado. That is probably a good place to start.
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Best answer: Here is a map of just the Denver retail shops.

I've only been to Dank Colorado and they only had a selection of 8 strains or so but their staff was super nice and helpful. If you are looking for variety I would check out the various shops' websites. Also, there is a regular shop review feature in our local arts/whatever weekly Westword. You should find a lot of information there. Also, Yelp?
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys! I'll check those sites out. I'm really hoping for some personal experiences and recommendations as well -- I'd like to avoid having to call/research/visit a ton of places.

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Thanks again!
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If you want a more energetic experience rather than a brain bomb, lean toward strains that have a higher percentage of Sativa vs Indica. If Colorado shops are anything like California shops, they'll be able to steer you well if you tell them what sort of experience you're looking for.
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Retail shops have only been open for 2.5 weeks. No one, including the shop owners, knew which shops were going to be permitted to open until, in some cases, the day prior.

I think what you are looking for doesn't exist yet. Give Colorado a few months and our marijuana tourism will be in full swing - you are a pioneer. Have fun and spend lots of money!
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Definitely call first. Some stores are out of product and cannot replenish it.
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This may be excessively obvious, but the Denver Post's blog site The Cannabist may help you sort some of this out. I can't believe I'm recommending you read the comment sections on a newspaper, but in this case, those comment sections might actually be helpful!
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Try Medicine Man on Nome. They were great, tons of selection, really nice and friendly. I know for a fact they have 100% sativa strains which sounds like what you're looking for.

A recommendation for The Cannabist as well.
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Response by poster: We went to Dank. It is very well-named... I'll be back for sure! Thanks again for all the advice -- Denver was lovely as always. Go Broncos!
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