Help Me Buy Cigars. I Don't Smoke.
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What cigars do I buy as a thank you gift?

A guy I know did a marvelous favor for me. I'd like to thank he and his assistant for the effort. Flowers for her is a no brainer. He's a little tougher. He's a kind of a mover and shaker guy in my city and wealthier than I am. I asked around and folks tell me he loves cigars and that would be the ideal thing to get him. Thing is, he really loves cigars. Seems to have started his own little online cigar company for that matter. So would it be possible for me to buy some cigars that will say thank you without breaking the bank in the process? If so, what cigars would you suggest? And do they come only in boxes? Are there other appropriate quantities? Say I wanted to spend $50-$75 ... would that do it? Or should I admit I'm not going to be able to get him cigars that will mean anything to him beyond the gesture and get something like a cigar cutter or something like that? Cigar lovers of the hive mind, I throw myself on your mercy. Thanks.
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Best answer: If he has his own on-line cigar company, unless you can get him Havana Cohibas...I'd give it a miss.

Much as a onophile is not the right person to give an expensive bottle of wine to.

If this is his THING, unless you know EXACTLY the sort of cigar he favors, better to get him a nice bottle of scotch.
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A 5 pack of these is on the high end of your range.

Cigars do not only come in packs, you can get singles, and some come in crystal tubes which is a nice way to present a gift if you want a single high quality cigar.

You can also get a sampler of cigars.

Where are you? Is there a cigar shop nearby that can help you pick out some cigars? If not, and you really don't want the pressure of picking out something that will be special for him, what Ruthless Bunny suggested about the bottle of scotch or cognac would be a definite alternative as well.
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You cannot go wrong with a Rocky Patel.
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Odds are he already has a favorite cutter, lighter and ashtray. Seconding the bottle of scotch.
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Some mighty fine bourbon can be had for $50. Just sayin'.
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Best answer: I guess a couple of recommendations would be useful. Sorry, I was lost in a pleasant haze of recollection:

Maker's Mark
Knob Creek
Eagle Rare 10

Bulleit has been on my to-try list as well.
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You know, it occurs to me that we're assuming that the guy drinks. If he doesn't, a cigar lover could always use an extra one of these, whether they already have one or not.
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As Ruthless Bunny basically says, you should find out this guy's secondary area of pleasure; one in which he might not be that much of an expert. As the saying goes: don't cook Italian food when you're having Italian guests. Something like that. You don't want to pay dire bucks for a variety that he doesn't appreciate because he's a well-educated cigar snob.

Whisky. Wine. Imported high-end pancetta. Top-of-the-range Calvados. Belgian paté. French single-origin chocolate. There are so many possibilities...
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Best answer: Every cigar guy is already drowning in cigar accessories and has reliable access to Cuban cigars. $50-75 doesn't really buy much since the tax changes. You also don't know his preferred size, strength, or wrapper. So...a shot in the dark, right down the middle, safe bet, all-around reasonable, well-made, consistent, something that not even a cigar snob would consider a horribly dumb choice, would be....

a box of ERDM Coronas

$63 + shipping
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Cigars International has a special going on right now for a 20 cigar sampler of Rocky Patels for $69.95 (includes shipping). Just took advantage of this myself yesterday.
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Port wine and cigars are a traditional match. How about a good bottle of vintage port?
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Gotta agree with others saying you should forget about giving him cigars, since he's an aficionado. You won't be giving him anything he can't get already, and probably has them mentally rated. You don't want to give a guy like that something that he might consider lower-quality, even though it has a good reputation.

A good single-malt whisky would make a nice gift. In your price range, you can find some very good scotches in the 12-15 year-old range (depending on where you live, of course).

Bourbon is good, too, though even the better brands are pretty easy to get in a local grocery or big-box store, as to not be all that "special".
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