Who is this artist?
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Who is this R&B artist I saw in the iTunes new releases less than a week ago but cannot find now?

Last Saturday night, I was browsing iTunes on my iPad and listened to a black R&B artist who was on the main page in the New Release scroll. He was on the cover of the album, I'm pretty sure it was his whole body but it could have been just his face. His music sounded like something Kem would sing. I believe one song had God in the title, but he is not gospel.

Unfortunately, I cannot find him anywhere either in the New Releases or R&B/Soul pages. Even checked Blues and New Artists. Checked on Amazon and Google Play too but cannot figure out what I listened to!

If anyone could help me figure out who it was, I'll be grateful!!
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Response by poster: and I just found the itunes listening history button. So I answered my own question. He's Timothy Bloom.

*Smacks self
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