The modern materials of the artist (iPhone edition).
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What are the best doodling/painting/drawing/drafting apps for the iPhone?

This is for a sort of digital notebook, more than anything else. Free or pay. iOS 6 compatibility (it's an iPhone 3, if that matters). I can handle technical stuff (drafting and photo editing) but I'm looking for something to produce quick, yet quality drawings, the ability to refine them later if desired, and to email (or whatever process to get them off the phone) them in a somewhat standard format to myself. I'd like to avoid being nickled and dimed, but that's the way of the "freemium" model, I suppose. Sharing with others is not necessary. Layers are nice but not required.

Drawing games are neat, but not what I'm looking for.

If you use and love the app, please elaborate, I'd love first-hand reviews and anecdotes.
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Paper, made by refugees from Microsoft's canceled Courier tablet, is intuitive and pleasing to use, with an assortment of simple tools focused on sketching and jotting notes. The associated Pencil gizmo is also pretty cool, if on the pricey side.
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Response by poster: While Paper does seem pretty neat, it appears to be iPad only. At the rate I'm going technologically, that's still a few years off for me...
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Ah sorry, misread your question. I used to have Drawcast on my iPhone and liked it a lot as a no-frills sketcher, though it looks like it's added even more features since.
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Best answer: Out of the two I have on my iPhone, Sketchbook Mobile is the more sophisticated (the other one is Brushes). I've not used it an awful lot tho because drawing on the iPhone is one of those things I always want to do but never do. I downloaded it because it was recommended tho, if that helps.
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Response by poster: Sketchbook Mobile Express is almost exactly what I'm looking for!

I grabbed the other ones to play around with also, thanks all.
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