Looking for specific version of the Man of La Mancha '65 cast recording
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I'm looking for a specific version of the Man of La Mancha musical that I had on cassette tape when I was young. Can anyone help me find it?

This version had Richard Kiley as Don Quixote and Joan Diener as Aldonza. The 1965 cast recording with Kiley et al. is pretty easy to find on amazon and elsewhere. HOWEVER, the CDs/MP3s that I'm finding have a lot (most) of the expository dialogue that I remember stripped out.

So I thought maybe what I had on cassette was the audio to the movie version. I looked up the movie script and my cassette definitely had ALL that dialogue -- it started off with Cervantes being thrown into prison and setting up the Don Quixote story with the other inmates. However, I've watched some clips of the movie on youtube, and what I had DEFINITELY had Richard Kiley and NOT Peter O'Toole on the singing parts and I'm 90% sure what I had wasn't O'Toole on the talking parts either.

I considered that someone had spliced the talking parts from the movie in with the songs, but I'm pretty sure the talking parts on my cassette were Kiley/Diener, etc. I can't remember if what I had was an 'official' version (this, in other words, though I think it's a long shot that it would have more dialogue than the cd - and how would I know before I bought it and then figured out someway to get the music off?) or just one that someone had recorded from somewhere.

So...what on earth did I have on cassette? And does anyone know if there's any way I can get it again? I've googled every way I know how. Thanks!
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I found this list of cast recordings; maybe something there will ring a bell for you. The 1968 London cast was a 2-LP set, so maybe that includes dialogue? It was on a single cassette, and it does have Joan Diener, but Keith Michell is Don Q.
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Wikipedia notes that the London cast recording has most of the dialogue, but as noted that has Keith Michell rather than Richard Kiley. If you're certain it was Kiley, there's the possibility that it was a bootleg; there is a Kiley / Diener video from Broadway in 1973 that remains in circulation - it's noted as pro shot, so I'd guess it's a sound booth video. I'd guess you either had a copy of the London recording from the LPs, or an audio derived from a sound booth video.
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Oh, and a note - the London cast recording from 1968 is not available on CDs, and was only ever released on vinyl.
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The London '68 recording is definitely it! I looked at the item for it on in278s's list and recognized the cover of the cassette.

I don't know why I was so positive it was Richard Kiley - I just listened to a clip of Keith Michell and he sounds more like Kiley than he sounds like O'Toole, but still. Memory is funny.

One of the comments on the amazon page for the 2-LP set led me to a company called Klassic Haus Restorations which sells a 2-CD transcription of the LP set for $10.

Thanks so much, guys!
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