Whatsapp or an easy Voice Message program for PC?
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What is the best way to share voice messages, like Whatsapp, but with people who don't have a cell phone? My elderly parents don't have cell phones. The easier the interface is (like Whatsapp), the easier it will be for my parents to use it. Does Google Plus or Skype have any features like this? My parents are comfortable using both Google Plus Hangouts and Skype. Thank you.
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If you give them a Google Voice number, they can opt to receive their voicemails in their Gmail inbox. I think you will need to link it to their landline to get started but you may be able to set it to always send callers to voicemail and not ring their phone. Maybe.
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Response by poster: Thanks, BungaDunga. They're not in the US, so they aren't able to use Google Voice.
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Skype lets you leave voice messages.

Any reason you couldn't just email them an audio file?
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