Changes in NYC from 2010?
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Touristing in NYC this weekend: what's changed since 2010???

I'm visiting the city this weekend after being away for 4 years (lived there for 2). What kind of things are worth seeing, either new or out-of-the-way? I've done most of the traditional sightseeing with friends and family and would love to check out a bunch of new stuff.

I'm on a budget but I'll gladly pay a bit for something awesome.

Interests: food, museums, art, free stuff, old stuff, pop culture

Not-so-interests: literary readings, theater, architecture, religious stuff.

Events as well as ongoing things are very welcome!
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If you haven't been to the High Line, part of it opened in 2009 and the other part in 2011, so that may qualify as new-to-you. I haven't been there myself, but I've heard it's nice (though check the weather first, of course!).
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Depending on when you left in 2010, Eataly is new (and even if you left after it opened, the roof is new) and worth checking out.
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Average man: Shake shack
Sophisticated: the Met completed a multi million dollar renovation with superb new exhibits
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Smorgasburg (in nice winter indoor location in Williamsburg).
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There was a great post on the blue the other day on businesses that have left New York recently. If you had a favorite little spot last time you were there, it might be worth checking this list to see if they're still open.
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High Line - I agree, with Zephyrial
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Most if not all of Brooklyn Bridge Park will be new to you. Grab a slice at Juliana's while you're in the neighborhood (under no circumstances should you wait on line for the inferior Grimaldi's).
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Not sure how metal fits into this picture, but Saint Vitus Bar opened in 2011. Not sure how much caché this has with you, but Pitchfork called it The Best Metal Bar in NYC. They're probably right.

If you do make it up to Greenpoint (to visit this bar/venue or not), the neighborhood has changed a lot. There are dozens of new restaurants and bars. But fortunately, Peter Pan Donuts is still here.
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nthing the Highline!! It's such a nice treat.
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Check out the new bike share program.
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