Looking to pay (a nominal amt) for a reputable, quality resume service
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Willing to pay (a non-exorbitant) fee for resume help. I have a (mostly positive) but really weird background. Some details inside, but more looking for any companies/services people have used that they were very happy with.

So without making this impossible to read, here are my stats:
Bachelor's in Social Sciences just a shade over a decade ago
Solid work with a gov't org for 2.5 years before getting laid off when the economy crashed
Partner in a small business that was service-based and fun, but ran me into the ground physically and mentally after 4+ years of working 65 hours a week.
Worked two underemployment jobs for 4+ years while doing more undergrad credits (hard-science) in hopes of Doctoring up.
Didn't doctor up.
Have a whole mess of undergrad hours (180+) but only one degree to show for it.

Now hoping to find a gig in a semi-specific market, but open to other non-profit/NGO/or even possibly gov't positions again.

I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to frame all of this in a way that accentuates the positive attributes (my practical head says there are many) without falling into the doldrums of defeat (my emotional head says there are many). I haven't had to put together a formal resume for a decade or so. Any help would be appreciated.

Prefer online, but if anyone has advice for what to look for locally, that'd be welcome too.

Private e-mail at r.esumaybe@gmail.com if you wish.
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We can't tell you what to look for locally absent any information about your location.

That said you generally get what you pay for when you engage a service provider. Paying a nominal amount to someone to review/revise/generate your resume will not get you good results.
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I used a guy on SA who has received many positive reviews. The price was right and the resume came out great. Resume to Interviews
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There is a metafilter Resume Review group. Maybe start there?
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I also used Resume to Interviews and was super happy with him. My only regret is not hiring him sooner.
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