Conscious Pop Music Hits of 2012-2014 for Play-List, Suggestions Needed
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"Same Love" by Macklemore is the epitome of a conscious (social, environmental justice) pop music song that has been a hit over the past two years. I'm looking for others to create a playlist - pop music songs that have been hits with a socially environmentally conscious message, or at least are not misogynist or violent in any way - talk about love, relationships, etc in a respectful way. Can you make any suggestions? Thx!
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Pretty much anything by Michael Franti should fit the bill, though I am not sure he's got a great deal of music related to environmental issues. He's more aligned with your second point, speaking of love & relationships in a respectful way.
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Brave by Sara Bareilles might fit your description.
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Canvas Bags, by Tim Minchin
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If you're willing to go back two more years, "Wavin' Flag" by K'Naan fits your bill perfectly.
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I like Royals, by Lorde. The message about conspicuous consumption and that nonsense is pretty great. Plus the song just ROCKS.
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Rap okay? You might like Reagan by Killer Mike (lyrics) or Around My Way by Lupe Fiasco (lyrics).
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Response by poster: Woo haven't heard any of these I don't think, 'cept Royals, looking forward to checking them out. Or maybe I have heard them and just don't know them by name? Rap's okay!
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