Need dentists in Baltimore and northern Maryland
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I moved to Baltimore about 18 months ago; my 12-year-old daughter moved to Havre de Grace about two years ago. We both need dentists. There are no presenting problems, but I want to get back to going regularly.

Do any of you Maryland residents have dentists to recommend? I'm easy to please, and I work in Aberdeen, so a dentist anywhere between Baltimore and Aberdeen would work for me. My daughter needs some cosmetic work done on a couple of chipped teeth, and will probably need braces soon. She also gets hysterical when needles are involved, and in general reacts poorly to people putting hands or other things in her mouth, so extra points if you can recommend someone really good with scared children. I don't object to us seeing the same person, but there's no particular advantage to it.
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When I lived in Baltimore I went to Dr. Fahey on York Road on the way to Towson. I liked him a lot and he came highly recommended from a friend who had been there for years.
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I really, really, REALLY like my dentist, however, his office is in Columbia. It doesn't sound like that would work for you. If nothing works out, though, feel free to PM me for the info.
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I love my Baltimore dentist! K Michael Murphy and Associates. They are really nice. I go to Dr. Megurian but I have seen Dr Murphy and Dr Welzel also. They were able to see me on absolutely no notice when a crown fell out on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, so they are aces in my book.
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If you can make it to Towson, Dr. James Kang on Osler Drive, near the Towson University football stadium, is great, with a terrific staff as well.
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William and Diana DeVeas are a 2-dentist/husband-wife/mom&pop practice Allegheny Ave in Towson. I've gone to him for 11 years and love him. Incredibly nice, non-judgmental, and gentle. No idea if he does kids.
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I just started going to Towson Dental Partners (Drs. Bethea and Anglin) at 7801 York Rd. in Towson. I'm happy with them so far.
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Dr. Kline is a great pediatric dentist just off of the beltway between Harford and Loch Raven Blvd (Parkville/Towson). He also does basic orthodontia. His staff is great with kids. Mine needed more complex orthodontia and we used Drs. Isaac and Nawy. They have offices in Parkville, Bel Air, Timonium and Pikesville. I have one out of braces and one in and have been very happy with them. Their staff is also wonderful.

I am in the market for a regular dentist myself so will be watching this post.
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Sarubin family dentists are great. I see Dr Danny, but they are all good, and the office staff is always very friendly.
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