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I just got my hair chopped off! What do I put in it to make it look good? Recommendations needed for thick, wavy hair.

I just got a "long bob" and I have no idea what to use to style it. I'm going kind of for the Scarlett Johansson tousled bob or the Keira Knightley curled bob.

I'm mainly looking for product suggestions, specific or general, but styling advice would be welcome too.
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So what is your hair doing that you don't want? if you just let it air dry, what happens? What would you need to have happen to make it look the way you want? What are you trying to accomplish with the product? Tame frizz? Smooth? Shine? Add volume? Define the curls? Is your hair dry or oily at all?

(sorry for all the questions but I think it is hard to answer without more info)
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I am very happy with Garnier products.

I can go curly or straight.

Sleek and Shine works great to defrizz and smooth.

The curl products help define curls and keep them pretty and bouncy.

I use Schwartzkopf Got2Be glued to back tease and hold it all in place. I love the volume I get and I can sleep on it and put a showercap on it, and fluff and go the next day.
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Well, it depends a little bit on how wavy your hair is, and how prone to frizz it is. Is your hair cut into an A-line bob (shorter in the back) like these are? If so, for the curlier look, you might try Aveda's Be Curly. I find that it does a pretty good job of enhancing my hair's waviness, especially if I let it air dry. A mousse would work, too, but air drying with mousse can lead to crunchy hair. If you don't want to air dry, I would suggest Be Curly and drying with a diffuser while twisting sections of hair, to cut down on frizz (scrunching may lead to frizz).

(On preview, I see PuppetMcSockerson has some similar questions.)
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So what is your hair doing that you don't want? (and other questions)

I actually just got it cut this morning. It's more that I don't know where to start (I've had it shoulder to mid-back length for years). My hair is thick, and tends to be slightly frizzy. When it was long, I would use some Garnier de-frizz stuff and go, or flatiron it. I haven't used anything besides de-frizzing serum and occasional hairspray for years, and I have no idea what some of these products actually do.

My hair is cut like theirs, short in the back and angled to be longer in the front -- I showed these pics to the hairdresser. My ideal product would be something that would a) reduce frizz, b) give the tousled and/or curly texture, c) add volume, and d) not be crunchy. I'd rather have a product I run through my hair than a spray.
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If you just got it today then step one is to just have the haircut for a couple of days and see how it wears and see where your problems are (if you even have any). You may very well find that you don't NEED to do much to make it look the way you want. A bit of a smoothing/de-frizz serum and you may be good to go. When I chopped my hair off to a bob it went from being a hella lot of work to tame to being pretty much wash and wear if I wanted it to be. Even if you just washed it now and let it air dry and just see what it does would give you a better sense of things and help us to give you meaningful suggestions.
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I got a shorter haircut recently that is pretty close to a bob and I have very fine, very straight hair. I got this stuff to give it some life and make it look messy but not too messy. You put it in while your hair is wet so it's not crunchy but it is sticky, making it a little more challenging to run my fingers through my hair or put it into a ponytail. But I think it's worth it.
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I keep my hair shorter than yours, but the texture sounds similar. I like the Herbal Essences mousse for curly hair. It leaves my hair feeling like there's no product, but acting smoother and waiver.
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I like that look too. I use these people's "after party" thing which is great. In a pinch, just tousling your hair with salt water, if it's not too flyaway, works pretty well.
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I find that anything with argan oil (one very inexpensive example) makes my straight-wavy hair more wavy, deals with frizz, and is never crunchy. Other people get straighter hair results, so mileage varies -- but products with it might be worth a try.
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I'm curly haired but my cut is similar. I do well with products from Lush (Dirty, R&B and Sea Spray are all favorites) and DHC (especially their emulsified and oil hair products.) Don't be shy about using more than one product if that works for you. It tends to for dry haired people whose hair soaks up product.
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when I had that haircut, I flat-ironed the front straight, and added texture to the back by scrunching with product, & sometimes curling some pieces. as for specific products, anything to mess it up: the texture cream kat518 linked to mixed with grooming cream, paul mitchell styling wax (while damp or with some water), garnier finishing paste & light hair spray, etc.
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I'm seconding salt water. I chanced upon a curly haired haircutter who showed me the wonders of sea salt spray. If you can be bothered you spray it on, twist your hair around your finger and briefly blow dry it. I can rarely be bothered even though it is quick on the grand scale of hair doing.

I mix up my own salt water with a little bit of coconut oil because I'm funds limited but there outs nothing wrong with the commercial ones. It isn't crunchy, holds the curls together and gives volume. Sometimes I use mousse. My hair is very thick fyi.
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Came in here to also recommend the BB Texture Hair (Un) Dressing. I have thick, shortish, wavy/curly hair. It's the only thing that allows me to style my hair without losing volume or gaining a sticky, shiny mess. I put it in wet, style my hair into the basic shape I want, let my hair dry then tousle it.
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With the kind of frizzy-ish hair you describe, a problem that might be more noticeable is split ends [because they're now by your face]. This makes sad looking hair. I end up with split ends after a haircut. I have a similar inverted bob thing going on. My hair can be easily coaxed into a pile of curls, but I flatiron it mostly.
Anyway-for this frayed ends issue, I use this stuff. I used to use a way more expensive version, but this is just as awesome. It's a creme-post shower, you pump a tiny bit out and run it through the ends.
The container lasts a really long time. Recommend.
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One thing I found when I cut my hair short was that I needed a different flat iron and brush. When I had longer hair I used a bigger round brush and a 2" flat iron (Chi of course). When I cut my hair into a bob I needed a brush with a narrower diameter, and a 1" flat iron.
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Yay for bobbed hair! I'm a big fan of Kevin Murphy products. "Hair Resort" is a great texturising product that comes as a lotion or spray and works equally well on fine or thick hair (sample: my ex and I) to add texture without crunch. His "Gritty Business" styling paste is great for "pliable hold" or as I like to describe it "miracle goop that texturises and volumises without making hair oily or greasy" (sample: my Mum and I)
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