Are Salt Lake City's mayors subject to term limits?
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I am trying to find a source that will give me a definitive answer to the question of whether or not SLC's mayors are bound by term limits.

This shows a list of all of the mayors and it looks like none of them are longer than 8 years. However, this page says that city officials are not subject to term limits. Is there another source that could give me this answer? Is it just typical for the mayor not to have more than two terms? Thanks.
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I can't find anything in the Salt Lake City ordinances that indicate there are mayoral term limits, so my thought is no, there are no term limits.

If that's not a satisfactory answer, contacting the City Recorder's Office might provide a definitive answer.

That said, mayors sometimes only run for a small number of terms because they move on to other stuff - US House or Senate or a race for the governor's office. Did any of SLC's mayors run for other office at the end of their second terms?
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none of them are longer than 8 years

Joseph Bracken Lee (January 7, 1899 – October 20, 1996) was a political figure in the state of Utah, United States. A Republican, he served two terms as the ninth Governor of Utah (1949–57), six two-year terms as mayor of Price, Utah (1935–47), and three terms as the 27th mayor of Salt Lake City (1960–71).

Ted Lewis Wilson (born May 18, 1939) was the 30th mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA,[1] from 1976 until July 1985. He won three elections. Wilson resigned during his third term to become the director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah where he held an adjunct assistant professorship of Political Science.
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