Best bluetooth car speaker?
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I want a bluetooth speaker that I can mostly use in my car for listening to music off my iphone. What's my best option?

Searching has mostly gotten me bluetooth speakers that don't seem like they would work well in a car, or bluetooth speakerphones for hands-free calling in the car that are not meant for listening to music. The cupholder ihome speaker is along the lines of what I'd like, though it seems to get middling reviews. Anyone either have positive experience with the ihome or have suggestions for something similar? $100 max.
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I have this. It's small, loud, and sounds great.
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Boombotix. I have the rex, use it in the car and sometimes around the house too. Very spiff, good sound. (Has a clip for bikers and so forth too.)
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Better to get a bluetooth head unit for your car. These can be had for about $100. I have tried using a standalone bluetooth speaker in my car and it just doesn't cut it, IMO.
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Yeah, I considered all of the speaker and FM-transmitting bluetooth adapters too. But the best option was just to replace my radio with a bluetooth-enabled unit, like adamrice suggests. They're quite cheap now and you can do the installation yourself on a lot of cars.

That way you can use your existing speakers and it'll never run out of battery power.
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I've been looking for a bluetooth solution for my car as well. The answers above inspired me to look around for a head unit. I did an online chat with customer service at and he pointed me to a couple units right around $100 that are BT enabled. They have some good deals there. Really, if you're looking for a car solution as opposed to a portable one, go with a head unit.
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Does your car stereo have an aux-in port? You might consider using something like this bluetooth "headset" if you do.

The best experience will almost certainly be had by replacing the car stereo with a bluetooth capable version though.
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yeah, I'm starting to think a head unit might be the way to go. My car is old and already has an aftermarket cd player put in by the past owner. does this mean that if I bought a new head unit I would already have all the wires/mounting stuff needed for a new one or might I still have to buy that? I don't have an aux input, but the $70-ish head units with aux and usb inputs are very appealing.
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You will probably need a wiring harness specific to your car. This will be a plug with some pigtails that fits a connector inside your dash; you'll connect it to a similar one that fits your new head unit (you can solder or use special wire nuts) and then plug everything together. Crutchfield is a good place to research this stuff (and buy it, if so inclined).
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Based on the recommendation at I have purchased both the Logitech UE 984-000298 Mobile Boombox ($79.99 at Amazon) and the newer model Logitech UE Mini Boom ($100 at Amazon). Very pleased - way better than what I was expecting. (I can't really tell any difference in the sound between the two). I do use one in a car.
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When I had an older car with a CD player/FM radio and didnt want to dump much money into a music solution I used an FM transmitter plugged into my phone/ipod. No aux in required.
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Not like I'm shilling for crutchfield, but they include all the things you'd need for installing/mounting for free. Along with detailed installation instructions specific to your car. Also for free.
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