Friendster "generic face" avatar?
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Did Friendster have a "generic face" avatar for users who didn't add their own images to use as their avatar? Like a silhouette of a head, maybe that varied according to the gender of the user? If so, where can I get an image of it?
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You want this. Do a reverse image search for that url on TinEye or Google Image Search to find many more examples.
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I seem to remember that it was just a big question mark, light grey on a dark grey background. I remember because one of my friend(ster)s used a horizontally-flipped version of it as his profile photo. Google Image search isn't finding it for me, though, so perhaps I'm wrong.

On Preview: The same colors of what artlung just linked, but without the person shape, is what I remember from circa 2005.
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Hmm, for some reason I thought it was the smiley face from their logo, but maybe I am misremembering.

It may vary depending on which iteration of friendster you want. I think Artlung's avatar (with the green bubbly logo and scripty lettering) is from after their first reboot. The original logo was the smiley face, and the latest incarnation of friendster reintroduced the smiley face(s) in their logo.
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Unfortunately, this collection of default avatars for social sites does not include friendster. You might try poking around the web archive of the site as well. Searches for "friendster screenshot" and "friendster profile" yield some interesting results, but unfortunately most have personalized avatars.

misterbrandt may be right and the one I found is not of the very first vintage of friendster. I searched my email and I have some ancient notification emails from friendster but nothing resolves in a way that gives me a trail to an archived profile page.
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These screenshots (1) (2) suggest that it was just a question mark graphic. At least for the thumbnail size. Maybe on the profile page it was something else? (google image search for [friendster original screenshot profile page])
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