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I have to give a presentation to about 15 new hires tomorrow sometime around 10am. The start time is always variable by about 15 mins. I do this all the time and it is quite a fun presentation. The orientation at my company is super goofy and fun and the person coordinating it is totally down for some fun. So much so that my coworker Kim has pulled HR into a ongoing prank war that Kim and I are in. I have no idea what Kim is going to pull but something is going to go down. She already roped in every single one of them to come find me and make me do ridiculous things as part of the scavenger hunt. I need a way to get all these people involved and turn it into complete laughter, embarrassment, and glee for everyone.

We are in a classrroom with a 30 foot whiteboard. I will have a laptop and phone. It has to be so good that I get them to switch allegiances and go forward with my prank instead. I am thinking I stick them all up with a nerf gun and go from there. I will put some muscle on the door so Kim can't get in if I need to have 5 mins alone with the newbies. I work at a public company so lets not get anyone in jail. I need something I don't need much setup for. I will go to Walmart / Target if I need props. Help me pull this off by 10am tomorrow.
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Is she going to have them in a presentation later? Can you pull them together in some sort of really brief flash-mobby type deal? Like, when she begins to explain the benefits package, they all ask a series of ridiculous questions? ("Do you have accident insurance on my octopus?") with props and such?

I just think about the kids in class who are all instructed to drop their books at the same time...if she's going to hand out forms, can you whip up a bunch of fake pieces of paperwork with something crazy on them, or something?
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[One comment deleted. Folks, if you don't want to help with this, please just pass the question by. Thanks.]
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What about little nerf guns for everyone?
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Water balloons
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Remember Pee-Wee's Playhouse?

All you need is a Word of the Day and something suitably silly for everyone to do. Silly but weird.

Like every time she says 'resource' everyone claps once.
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I'd try good old fashioned bribery with say donuts, to get them to swap sides.
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