Looking for an iPhone timer alarm app with snooze
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I'm looking for an iPhone alarm app that will wake me up a specific amount of time after I enable it (8 hours in my case) and has a snooze function. The timer function of iOS is not suitable (no snooze). The alarm clocks apps I have tried are not suitable as they require you to choose a time (e.g. 8am) not a duration (e.g. 8 hours), and those that do display the duration (e.g. Rise), don't display it until you enable the alarm.

Bonus points for a simple, half-asleep-proof UI (like Rise or Sleep Cycle).

I realise that, given a current time, figuring out what the time will be in 8 hours is not the world's hardest calculation. I just want my phone to do this calculation for me.
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If you tell Siri "Wake me up in 8 hours" -- it will set the iOS alarm function to that time. And that alarm function (not the timer, the alarm) does have snooze.
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Yup. If you have Siri, Siri will do this.
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The alarm in the iOS clock app has a snooze.

I think you are confused.
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F Siri. Utilities-->clock-->alarm. Basic iOs functionality includes an alarm clock with snooze.
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Response by poster: jbenben/kestrel251: the basic iOS alarm app is not what I'm looking for. It asks for a time (as in 8am). I want to give it a duration (as in 8 hours from now).

Siri works for this. Thanks for that tip. Any real apps though?
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What is it you need an app to do that using Siri won't accomplish?
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Response by poster: Siri does exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm looking for a normal app. The reasons why I don't want to use Siri are a derail.

planetesimal: as I said in the question, the built in Clock app's Timer function doesn't have snooze.
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Yes, the built in timer app, at least on iOS 7 has snoozes.

Set timer, lock phone (either PWD or slide to unlock).

When timer ends, tap to snooze or slide to end.
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Response by poster: tilde, that screenshot is the Alarm function of the Clock app, not the Timer function.

The Timer looks like this when it finishes. Note there is no snooze feature.

The alarm function, which does have a snooze, does not allow you to set a duration (i.e. you have to say "at 9am", you can't say "in 8 hours time").

Please, everyone, while I appreciate the effort, let's just assume that if you answer to this question is Siri or the built-in Clock app then it's not the answer.
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I used to use an app called Alarmed. It split off the clock functionality into a different app (Yoctoville clock) and I no longer use it very much - most of my needs are met by the built in Timer/Clock.

But looking at it again - it has something called "Super Reminder" that lets you set a metric ton of options, including snooze, a pre-alarm, a "Nag Me" option, etc. I think you will find what you need here. Alarmed on iTunes.

Oh, and it's free. (I paid for the "Extras" as a tip, but didn't need to.)
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I use Alarm Clock HD and really love it.

You can set the alarm traditionally or set a sleep timer. You can choose preset alarm sounds or wake to your own music. I just stick to the stock sounds, personally, but having the option to wake to music is nice.

There is a snooze option as well as plenty of fancy bits and bobs like connecting to Twitter and Facebook (which I don't use) but it might fit the bill for you.
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Ah crap I blame sleep deprivation on my blunder there. Sorry!
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