Should I send a thank you note via snail mail after a first interview?
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I had a first interview for a job today. Before I left, they said they wanted me to come back next week for a second interview (yay!). I sent a thank you email when I got home after the interview. I'm usually in the habit of sending a snail mail note after a first interview (it has secured a second interview in the past) but with a second interview already planned should I send the snail mail note this time around? Or save that for after the second interview? Thanks in advance for your advice.
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I think with the second interview already secured and a confirmation/thank you email already sent a snail mail note at this point might come across as a little over-anxious.
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I agree with yoink.
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Thank you emails are appropriate/sufficient these days, at least in my experience. So much of the hiring process is online that I think sending letters via postal mail will only confuse matters. (What if your note gets lost and they only receive it after you have another interview, or don't see it at all, or something? Sort of related anecdata: one time I snail-mailed an application and someone replied they were interested in hiring me 5 months later, long after my ability to take the job had passed.)
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Thank you emails are totally appropriate
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Since you have already sent email, snail would be overkill. Snail vs. email is cultural.
If you were applying at the behemoth that pays my wages, I would remind you that snail thanx is a required check box in certain departments.

Knowing when and where you need that formal, personal touch is where networking comes in handy. We have special events where we tell college kids what we expect. Elsewhere, I think this question reveals what a class/cast society we have and I am sad.

Good luck in your job search!
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I was up for a job I really wanted a few months ago. I sent a snail mail note, and it was returned to me because the mail for the company went to a PO Box, and not the physical address where I went to interview. I regret not using email.
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Just the thank you email. I used to be very much "still snail mail!" but really, things move too fast these days for that. The whole point of the thank you note originally was to show that (a) you're grateful and (b) you're prompt. The email thank you note still doe that - the snail mail one leave them wondering about the "prompt" part for days longer than you really want.
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I guess this is an American thing, as I've never heard of a "thank you" note being sent after any kind of interview ever.
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You don't say what type of business you interviewed at. If this was a tech company, a snail mail letter would be seen as fairly odd.
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I agree with yoink in this case, but in other circumstances snail mail is still very much appreciated. I once visited the studio of someone I 'informational interviewed' with and months later she still had my thank you card pinned to her cork board! (I also agree this could be an American phenom as I hadn't heard of this either until I moved to the US).
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This kind of stuff is just seen as desperate or even embarrassing, if the company has already decided not to hire you.
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Just write a handwritten note and mail it or better yet drop it off at the front desk. It's not overkill it's thoughtful. I send an email of course.

One time I came back for the secind interview that I already had set up to see the thank yiu card I sent on display behind my interviewers desk. Because of all the commenters before me, physical mail is treasured. So my note was treated as a special kind of statement.
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turbid dahlia: it's another way to suck up in America. Some people care (deeply) about the dang thank you note and some do not. It is better to cover your ass and send one than to not.

Anyway, nthing everyone else about e-mailing rather than snailing because snail is too slow these days.
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Next time just bring the thank you card and fill it out and drop it off before you leave.
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In one of my jobs, the hiring manager checked his snail mail box and showed me my thank you note, on my first day of work.

I've moved to emailing my thank you notes.
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Yeah, in addition to the postal service time, internal mailing at large companies can take approximately forever.
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I find a mailed note a bit antiquated and overly slow. I also think applicants shouldn't do both email and mail, it looks desperate/overeager. And I wouldn't do as emkelley suggested and bring it along to the interview to leave it behind as that makes it a perfunctory and meaningless gesture; the whole point of the thank you note is that upon reflection and away from the influence of any sense of pressure/etc, the applicant is appreciative of the opportunity and still interested.
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