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I want to feel like I'm walking on clouds. What boot is best? Cheaper but high quality is better.

I am a grad student staying working in lab way too much. I live in a place that snows. I would like recommendations on weather resistant comfy boots that are a good balance between price and quality. Are Uggs really worth it or similar from llbean or bear paw ok? I've been holding out so long and plus they are pricey. I've usually pretty well dressed so they can't be too ugly but I am just so tired. I have one more winter of grad school left, and would like to be as comfortable as possible.
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Btw, this is computer lab, so don't worry about chemical spills.
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Lined LLBean boots are worth it.
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Uggs are not waterproof, which makes them less than ideal for snowy places. LL Bean and Sorel are both great.
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In general, Sorels will be more cloud-like than LL Bean boots.
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You need to get comfortable lab shoes and winter boots. Two separate pairs of footwear.

Don't get Uggs. They're not very good at either thing.
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I love my Sorels, but I have work shoes I wear when I get to work. My feet get too hot if I leave the Sorels on.
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i have a pair of vasque shoes that i got at REI when i lived in colorado. they are waterproof, and they wear like sneakers, and they were probably the best snow shoes i have ever had (i don't wear them regularly, as i moved back to california, but i wear them when i go to wisconsin in the winter every year and they are still awesome). the models have been updated since then, but i highly recommend them.
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I also love my sorrels.
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I came here to say exactly what nat said.
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I have been extremely happy with my waterproof Adirondack Uggs that have seen me through 2 winters in Montreal and 1 in Chicago and are still going strong. I had Sorels before this and they were so heavy in comparison! I would actually say these Uggs are cloud-like.
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Crocs for the the lab. For getting to the lab and getting home, how far are you walking and how rough is the terrain? A 5 mile hike is different than a 30 yard hike to the bus stop or parking lot.
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I had the same experience as gillianr with my Sorels; they're warm but it feels like they weigh 10 pounds each. So I definitely recommend shopping for boots in person, if possible, so you can test out the weight.
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