Open domains and business names for a mailing service?
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I want to start a service that will put real letters into the mail via a website. I kind of prefer a meaningless name that is simple, unambiguous to spell, and memorable that would grow with the site, if it began to branch out into different areas. And of course, the domain should be open. Any ideas?

I've been staring at nonsense word generators for an hour and haven't found anything that fits yet.
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posted by Miko at 1:17 PM on January 14, 2014 [2 favorites] is not taken.
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Maybe be inspired by some WWII postal acronyms or penpal acronyms?
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lettrs™ is a new social media platform, which is designed to bring back the art of meaningful communications by helping the writer, create more thoughtful, beautiful, impactful and enhanced written pieces.

Users can write via the app or online and choose different themes to enhance their words and send their letter to anyone in the world either digitally or as traditional mail. If sent digitally, the receiver can either view their letter via mobile phone or on the web.

Is it like that?
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Response by poster: It's different, but close enough that it's not wrong to use it as inspiration for naming things.
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It's worth pointing out that many companies have started with a less than favorable domain name and bought a nicer one as they expanded.

Mashable has a list
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posted by MonkeyToes at 2:35 PM on January 14, 2014 is for sale. That doesn't specify what is in the mail and thus leaves room for expansion, though might fit with only certain kinds of expansion.

best of luck.
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All open!
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Uh, just so you know, there is a website that does exactly this already that managed to snag a 3-letter domain:
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Response by poster: Finished and created a project post about it.

If the extra info about what it is helps you come up with a better open name, please MeMail me!
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On reading the project, the first thing that occurs to me is: this isn't a letter. So LetterIntheMail doesn't ring the right set of bells at all - it sounds like it's for mailing a personal letter.

So maybe start by brainstorming words that have to do with literary submissions - mss, manuscript, script, story, query, over the transom, slushpile, etc. - and combining them with the "send/mail/post" idea until you find something catchy. "Letter in the Mail" is a lot more general than what you're thinking of.
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Response by poster: I'll be adding "" as an active entry soon, which will do just what it sounds like, as well as some others. So the name isn't totally off base...

(It's unrelated, but just FYI, I'm completely taken with the idea of using emails as an approachable, non-programmer friendly API-like beast. For example, will shortly reply with all of the active addresses and what they do; will reply with any orders you've paid for, etc. I think it's a golden concept.)

That said, you're right about the name not being a perfect fit. Even as I start to add more to the service, manuscripts will remain the focus. The only audience I can think of that will clearly benefit from this thing and already exists is writers with just the right combination of laziness (or busy lives, or lack of transportation, or whatever) and spare change.

I'd greatly appreciate further suggestions for the domain.
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