Looking for video games with polearm combat
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What are some good video games that feature polearms as usable weapons?

Any system/era, real-time action preferred but I'll take strategy or RPG suggestions too. Bonus points for realism and variety. I'm already aware of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and NetHack. Spears do not count as polearms.
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torchlight 1 & 2 has polearms (they combine spears and polearms into the same class, but polearms are represented).
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no bonus points here but there's a playable character from Tales of Vesperia that wields them.
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Mount and Blade!
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The Suikoden series (RPGs) features several characters with polearms.
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If the naginata and yari count, then the two Bushido Blade games.
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War of the Roses

Also, SoulCalibur games usually have a few.
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I think most of the early era MMORPGs like Asheron's Call, Dark Age of Camelot. I think maybe also current games like D&D Online or Path of Exile, maybe?

This based on my memory as a mage, however. ;-)
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The Dynasty Warriors games have always featured a healthy contingent of polearm users, DW8 came out last year and is the best series entry in years.
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Morrowind had them, although they were inexplicably still best at stabbing. Change the damage spread with a mod?
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Ultima series has polearms. Halberds count right? XD
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I'm going a bit old school on you, but Bushido Blade and any of the Dynasty Warrior games. Nothing like clearing out a sea of red shirt with your halberd :)
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For some definitions of video game nethack might qualify. Though a polearm in nethack is only identified by a an ascii ")" there are also tiles that have graphical representations in the link above. The polearms are;

lucern hammer
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Vagrant Story had some great polearm action, and IMO distinguished itself for how you really had to change up how you do combat for any of the multiple weapon types available.
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There are polearms in World of Warcraft. Monks, hunters, paladins, warriors, druids, and death knights can use them.
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Chivalry is totally the best, try it. More polearms than you can shake a bardiche at.
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