Find me bundles of fun!
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There is HumbleBundle, BundleStars, and many other sites that sell a bundle of cheap indie / mainstream pc games. I just discovered BundleofHolding for RPG tabletop games. What other fantastic bundle sites do you know of?

I'm looking for anything that sells a bundle of items. I prefer sites that have the "Pay what you want" business model were you can designate were the cash goes (developers, charity, or hosting site).

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I like Indie Royale along with Humble Bundle.

Indie Kings has a nice bundle tracker to keep up on what is currently offered at different sites. .
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Soundsupply does it for music.
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It's not in the pay-what-you-want model, but MacHeist regularly has bundle promotions for Mac software -- there's one running now with 10 hours left.
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The IndieBundleTracker steam group and the /r/gamebundles are good sources of bundles.

There's also SavyGamer and the weekly deals roundup at Rockpapershotgun for general cheap gameage.
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Response by poster: Ok PC games are covered.

Thanks Scruss for SoundSupply - those are the types of sites I'm looking for!
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StoryBundle does that with ebooks, although they don't seem to have any bundles going at the moment.
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While Storybundle is primarily fiction, Bundle of the Week does nonfiction ebooks on a different theme each week. It's not pay-what-you-want, but it's pretty low priced compared to purchasing the same titles separately.
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